Givenchy · L’Autre Noir A/W 2017 Collection, Limited Edition


Building upon the success of their award-winning Noir Révélateur lipstick, Givenchy is set to drop L’Autre Noir Collection for fall 2017, an entire group of products centred around the theme of colour-changing cosmetics. Created with eosin which reacts to your own body’s pH levels, the colour revealed becomes unique to everyone. Now THAT’s what I like to call truly customizable makeup.



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While the collection may be labelled as ‘black’, the actual colour of all products is more in line with a deep dusky plum and while everything may look scary dark in the packaging, it is surprisingly very wearable. I kid you not.

Lip Liner N°12 Universel Noir Révélateur (CAN $35.00) | A dusty mauve hue with random ultra fine shimmer, this liner can be used on its own to fill in lips, under the matching lipgloss or lipstick to add extra staining power, or simply to line lips as per usual. The stain it leaves behind is actually created by your own body as it reacts with the eosin and therefore always looks natural.

Gloss Noir Révélateur (CAN $38.00) | A non-sticky gloss that lays down charcoal in hue and which then turns to anything from a rosy cherry to faded plum, as it quickly adapts to your body’s pH levels. The applicator is a small pointed brush with densely packed bristles but with enough flexibility to enable you to easily fill in lips. Can also be layered over liner or any other shade for even more colour combinations.

Liner Vinyl N°6 Rosy Black (CAN $39.00) | A liquid liner in a deep blackened plum hue with purple micro-sparkle. The narrow brush makes it easy to lay down a fine line or you can turn it slightly on its side for a wider application, while staying power is excellent without any fading or cracking/peeling off until removed. As with the rest of this collection, the colour will deepen to meet your body’s pH levels.

Blush Noir Révélateur (CAN $43.00) | A cream blush in an easy to use squeeze tube, with a colour that emerges as dirty mauve but which quickly evolves into a natural-looking flush once applied to the skin. The finish is neither powdery nor dewy but something else entirely, with a slight sheen to keep it from looking flat. Can also be layered under or over other blush shades for added depth, staying power and/or a unique new colour combo.

Ombre Couture Eyeshadow N°20 Rosy Black (CAN $32.00) | A cream to powder eyeshadow in a blackened plum hue with ultra fine purple shimmer. The texture is super creamy and easy to blend out and you can either wear it sheered out for a wash of colour or layered up for more intensity. Also wearable under other eye shadows for depth and extra staying power.


There’s something really cool about makeup with transformative powers, am I right? Givenchy has taken that colour-morphing philosophy and made it über-chic — along with über-wearable. Factor in that the textures are all amazing while the packaging makes you want to pull everything out just because, plus how unique everything is (something that’s becoming harder and harder to do in the world of beauty), makes this entire L’Autre Noir Collection totally splurge-worthy. Black is definitely the new black.

Available August 3 exclusively at Sephora



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4 Responses to Givenchy · L’Autre Noir A/W 2017 Collection, Limited Edition

  1. dandygal says:

    as a huge fan of the lipstick I might need those in my life…

  2. carolynnnaaa says:

    Not something that I would love to have in my collection, but all items are pretty!

    • Eugenia says:

      With my colouring, I never would have thought that I could pull off black makeup all over either, but the products all have a sheer factor that makes them so wearable! Might be worth a try to check them out in person to see for yourself!

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