Givenchy · Le Rose Perfecto & Live Irresistible Rosy Crush

Living in a climate with such extremes (ridiculously hot & humid in Summer, bone-cold in Winter), my lips are always in need of hydration and there are usually anywhere from 2-4 lip balms in my makeup bag at any given time. There are times when I also want a spot of colour thrown in along with the hydration factor, and to that end Givenchy’s Le Rose Perfecto not only meets that need, but does it with some of the most bougie packaging out there. For 2019, the brand has just added to the range with several new shades … all utterly wearable and incredibly comfortable to boot.

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Le Rose Perfecto (CAN $45.00/each) | Available in 7 shades, each comes housed in a slim tube with real pink leather adorning the outer case and bears the brand’s unique signature: a metallic “stud”, emblematic of the Maison’s couture fashion. The creamy feel of each balm is courtesy of a nourishing formula that contains hyaluronic acid spheres (which capture water molecules found on the surface of the lips and helps with filling in fine lines), as well as shea butter for exceptional hydration and nutrition. All glide easily along lips and provide a wonderfully comfortable wear, although as they are balms and have slip, re-application will certainly be necessary — basically giving you an excuse to whip one of these babies out in public (not that you really need an excuse).

  • N° 000 White Shield – iridescent, translucent
  • N° 201 Timeless Pink – soft baby rose
  • N° 301 Soothing Red – true red
  • N° 303 Warming Red – raspberry red

Live Irresistible Rosy Crush Eau de Parfum (CAN $136.00/75 ml) | This is the newest flanker to join the Live Irresistible family, housed in the same elongated triangular bottle shape with its geometric facetting but visually differentiated by its pink juice. Said to have been created for the “young woman who’s full of optimism, confidence, and spontaneity“, the scent is supposed to invoke the joie de vivre of youth. Designed by perfumer Dominique Ropion, this fragrance opens up with Rose that’s been tempered by the addition of Pink Pepper and Goji Berries, then the main body fills out via Rose Absolute and Peony for depth, and finally wraps up with a base of Chypre and Patchouli which add green and earthy overtones for a grounding finale.

We all have our scent likes & dislikes so reviewing a fragrance is highly subjective; I don’t usually reach for florals, although lately I find myself drawn to anything with rose in it — as long as it’s not overly cloying or old lady-like. Happily, Rosy Crush is neither, and even with the first spritz I get “fresh & light”, making this a scent that doesn’t overpower and one that I’m thinking will be even more appreciated during Summertime.

So there you have it; Le Rose Perfecto combines the best of both worlds, lip care + colour with an elegant exterior you’ll be hard-pressed to find with any other luxury brand. Florals may not be my usual cup of tea, but Rosy Crush has a fresh & fun side to it and I prefer my Summery scents to not take themselves too seriously, so this definitely fits the bill. And now I’m also thinking that any of these lovelies would also make a fabulous Mother’s Day gift; I know that I’d be thrilled, and I’m a mom … just saying.

Available at Holt Renfrew/Ogilvy & Sephora

Kindly provided by Givenchy for my unbiased consideration
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