Givenchy · Le Rouge Sculpt, Base Mascara Perfecto & Noir Interdit Mascara


The great French House of Givenchy is forever linked with Audrey Hepburn in my mind (Hubert de Givenchy was her favourite designer) and while the brand itself may fly under most people’s radar, it nevertheless steadily produces some amazing and innovative products, such as these latest launches: Le Rouge Sculpt Lipstick, Base Mascara Perfecto and Noir Interdit Mascara. Something tells me that Ms. Hepburn would have totally approved.



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Le Rouge Sculpt (CAN $45.00) | Housed in luxurious packaging with a nice heft to it, each lipstick case bears a band of genuine leather and is embossed with the brand’s logo on top. The duo-toned lipstick is interesting as well; the larger portion is where the majority of colour lies, while the outer segment is deeper hued and infused with eosin to provides slight colour-changing properties and is meant to act almost as liner, producing an ombré effect that also serves to give the illusion of a fuller pout. With a sweet light fragrance (which dissipates soon after application), the texture is wonderfully creamy-smooth as it literally glides along lips, and leaves behind a hydrated feeling as it fades to a light stain.

I fell hard for Givenchy’s Phenomen’Eyes Mascara from the day it launched, and have been continually impressed with this brand’s mascaras. These latest iterations have just racked the category up several notches, as they are not only unique but stellar performers as well.

Base Mascara Perfecto (CAN $37.00) | You had me at the baby pink outer casing, but it’s what’s on the inside that really matters. Formulated with cotton nectar and soy proteins which help nourish and protect lashes, the bicolour brush bears black fibres which gently separate and coat lashes with product, while the white fibres allow for a delicate yet smooth application. Relatively unscented, the white-pink shade of the formula makes it easy to see where you’re laying it down and thus easily covered up with your mascara of choice. Not content to merely be a mascara primer (and one which also adds definition and slight bulk to lashes as well, I might add), Base Mascara Perfecto can also be applied in the evening after makeup removal to be used as a “mask”, and is also said to help strengthen lashes over time. Not bad, wouldn’t you agree?

Noir Interdit Mascara (CAN $38.00) | Inspired by Givenchy’s backstage shows, it’s obvious from just a glance that this is quite a unique mascara. Housed in the brand’s signature black lacquered casing with black ribbon banding, the brush displays a graduated row of bristles along one side only, designed to separate as well as grip lashes while easily depositing colour from root to tip. The wand is capable of bending a full 90°, helping you to effortlessly reach every single lash, even the ones you really had no idea were even there. Another bonus to a flexible wand such as this, is that it also serves to avoid accidental smears (such as along the bridge of the nose?) — we’ve all been there. Bearing a truly lovely and pleasant light rose fragrance which does disappear soon after application, this formula met every single one of my criteria: dense black colour, volume, length, non-flaking/smearing throughout the wearing, and easily removed (I always use a dual-phase remover). People, we have a winner.

Noir Interdit Mascara applied over Base Mascara Perfecto


I’ve said it often enough that I’m a total sucker for packaging, but when exquisite detailing is balanced by outstanding performance, it definitely goes a long way in buffering the cost of steep[ish] pricing. As a mascara fiend and fan of Givenchy mascaras in general, I couldn’t be happier with both the Base Perfecto and Noir Interdit, both products which I now reach for quite regularly. The Le Rouge Sculpt lipsticks were a pleasant surprise as well, although I can’t help but wonder how the ombré effect will evolve as the bullet itself becomes worn down & rounded; guess I’ll just have to find out. Either way, I find the texture absolutely wonderful and the colours all extremely wearable. And those cases? 100% display worthy.

Available exclusively at Sephora



Media samples kindly provided, all opinions my own





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