Givenchy · Lunar New Year 2018 Le Rouge & Prisme Libre


To celebrate the Lunar New Year 2018 — the Year of the Dog — Givenchy has created exquisite limited edition packaging for two of their iconic products, Prisme Libre in Mousseline Pastel and Le Rouge lipstick in Rouge Égérie. There’s just something about a red lip that is at once fierce yet siren-sexy, and while my comfort zone lies with nudes, I will definitely make an exception for this little jewel.



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305 Rouge Égérie Le Rouge (CAN $45.00) | Housed in an outer cap of red genuine leather adorned with a golden floral motif, this is a coral red hue in a formula that’s part velvet & part butter; seriously though, the texture is über-creamy yet not so slippery that it will move around overly much, with excellent colour saturation seen from the very first swipe. Warm leaning, this shade will mostly likely work on everyone — regardless of your underlying skin tone, with amazing staying power that will easily last 7+ hours (some wear will result with eating and/or drinking). The best part is how hydrated lips feel throughout the wearing, as well as once all traces of colour have faded.

PRO TIP: apply one light coat then smooth it out with a fingertip to keep the colour from feathering and staying true longer, followed by another coat if desired.


1 Mousseline Pastel Prisme Libre (CAN $69.00) | The usual black lacquered cap of this cult-fave powder has been reinvented in red faux-leather bearing a golden floral pattern and comes with a customized little puff … and literally begs to be displayed on your vanity, no? The incredibly fine-milled powder comes in four colour correcting shades (green, pink, blue, lavender) and have been created to work synergistically together in a combined fashion. Now, how best to describe the effect of this powder when it can’t exactly be seen — let alone photographed? Yes, it definitely has to be tried on and felt, but basically it acts as an almost ‘blurring filter’ when buffed into the skin, helping to even out the complexion and provide a polished, flawless finish.


I am a sucker for finely-wrought packaging; that said, a pretty exterior won’t win my love unless the product performs as well. Thankfully, Givenchy has totally nailed it with both shown here, creating what might amount to museum-worthy pieces (just remember that two shown are limited edition, but permanently available in the regular packaging). It’s actually quite difficult to improve on red lipstick, but Rouge Égérie is absolutely eye-catching AND wears so comfortably, not to mention the fact that you’ll find any excuse to whip that case out in public (for real). As to Mousseline Pastel, if you’ve yet to jump on Givenchy’s Prisme Libre bandwagon, now’s your chance to get on board with something that looks as good on the skin as it does on your dressing table. Happy Lunar New Year of the Dog!

Available for a limited time at Sephora


Kindly provided by the Givenchy team for my unbiased consideration

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