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With Christmas a week away, my next few posts will be dedicated to offering some solutions that just might make buying that perfect gift for any beauty-lovers on your list, that much easier. I’ll start things off with this Noir Révélateur duo from Givenchy: 2 unique lip options that are sure to wow. ‘Tis the season, after all!

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This is one PR perk that’s very welcome. Plus, Snow Globe magic — enough said

Noir Révélateur Rouge Interdit Vinyl (CAN $41.00) | Housed in an acrylic case banded with a metallic ribbon (the same ribbon forms the lipstick pull), this is a slim lipstick that is meant to provide colour, shine, and a plumping effect. Made with Black Rose Oil, a rare active ingredient which provides a high level of comfort and moisture to lips, Sweet Almond Oil for softness, and Desert Rose Crystals help to blur fine lines at lips’ surface level for a soft-focus effect, the formula also contains silicone for a second-skin feel to go with a ‘vinyl‘ radiance and a slight filling effect. Bearing a delicate rose-candy fragrance, this lipstick glides like creamed butter along lips (it’s SOOOOOO good, you guys) and don’t be put off by the blackened colour; as seen in the swatch below, it winds up looking more plum-like once applied, even lightly staining lips for extra staying power.

Noir Révélateur Gloss Interdit Vinyl (CAN $37.00) | Housed in a clear acrylic case banded with a metallic ribbon, the innovative foam applicator is stamped with a ‘G‘ that aids in picking up more product per swipe. With its bevelled shape, it makes it easy to follow lip contours, while the non-sticky formula also contains Black Rose Oil for moisture & comfort, mother-of-pearl for brilliance, plus Camelino Oil and Senso Oil for suppleness. Colour boosters are also included in the mix, providing lips a made-to-measure hue that reacts with your pH levels, thus forming a unique shade on everyone. As with the lipstick, the black colour can be misleading; once applied, it appears more of a muted plum (at least, that’s how it looks on my lips). Note that this gloss also bears the same rose-candy fragrance, but which quickly dissipates after application.

There have been so many innovations — both in formula and colour selection — to lipstick and lip gloss over the last few years, that it can be somewhat daunting trying to weed through all the options. That’s what makes both of these products so attractive: they not only serve up impressive formulas, but deliver wearable and truly customizable colour. Plus they’re absolutely display-worthy (I’m such a sucker for gorgeous details like this), which makes either (or both) absolutely perfect to give as a gift. Then again, why not indulge for yourself? #treatyoself

Available at Sephora, Holt Renfrew & Ogilvy

Kindly provided by Givenchy for my unbiased consideration

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