Goutal Paris · Étoile d’Une Nuit Eau de Parfum & meeting Camille Goutal

Last month I had the extreme pleasure of meeting Camille Goutal, daughter of the late Annick Goutal, founder of Goutal Paris. What many people may not know about me is that as passionate as I am about beauty & skincare, I also have a deep love for fragrances, so getting the opportunity to sit down and chat with Camille was a pinch-me moment. Having her be the one to present her newest creations to me, was a mind-blowing moment — not to mention so much fun.

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Crossed off the bucket list: meeting & chatting with Camille Goutal

Étoile D’Une Nuit Eau de Parfum (CAN $225.00) | Created as part of the Oiseaux de Nuit Collection (which also includes Tenue de Soirée and Nuit et Confidance, not shown), this is classified as part of the powdery/floral/woody family.

“Just a few minutes before heading out to embrace the night. She takes out
her favorite powder and caresses her face with light strokes of the brush.
She ties a silk scarf around her neck, her bare skin imbued with the scent of makeup. A powdery cloud as elegant as her lipstick with a soft and creamy cosmetic scent that highlights her colorful personality. In just a few moments, all eyes will be on her”

The glass bottle is tinted in a gradation of greens which gives a lovely ombré effect, while the sprayer delivers one of the most even mists I’ve experienced to date. The crowning touch is the silky “scarf” tied around the neck which bears an Art Deco motif, along with the delicate chain that’s etched with the founder’s initials.

With the key notes being Iris, Rose and Raspberry, this fragrance definitely leans classically feminine, and yet there’s nothing old-fashioned about it. There’s hints of something earthy — perhaps leather — to keep things grounded, while the drydown is powdery ‘second-skin‘ and ‘makeup‘ soft; it reminds me of when I was a little girl and explored through my mother’s makeup trying everything on … and getting in trouble for it. The signature of this scent is lipstick; I personally love twisting up a fresh tube of lipstick and taking a sniff, which sounds a lot weirder that it is. The beauty is that there’s nothing cloying found here, but it’s as if a moment in time has been perfectly captured in perfume form that you can relive again and again.

Love the little clear dome around the sprayer

It goes without saying that I absolutely love the bottle with its chic little accessory — that just screams Parisian elegance to me. What I wasn’t expecting is how much I would enjoy wearing this scent, especially considering the fact that it’s so outside my comfort zone. That this combination of notes evokes such a distinctive memory for me might have something to do with, and in the end that’s what fragrance is all about: how it makes you feel. And now I definitely want to go explore the other two of this collection …

Available at Holt Renfrew Ogilvy & Hudson’s Bay

Kindly provided by Goutal Paris for my unbiased consideration

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