Gucci · A Gloaming Night, The Alchemist’s Garden


/ˈɡlōmiNG/ noun LITERARY
“hundreds of lights are already shimmering in the gloaming”


Inspired by twilight, that fleeting moment between dusk and sunset, A Gloaming Night is the latest fragrance to join Gucci’s The Alchemist’s Garden collection. Capturing that magical moment in essence form within the glowing red hue of the bottle, it’s the fragrance notes that have me utterly captivated … and coming back for more.



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The Alchemist’s Garden



The Alchemist’s Garden, A Gloaming Night EDP (CAN $375.00/100 ml) | Let’s start with the obvious: the stunning packaging. Housed in a crimson hefty cardboard box embellished with the Gucci logo, lettering, and signet all done in gold, the bottle is nestled snugly inside a matching moiré drawstring bag. Normally I’m not a fan of excessive packaging, but the saving grace here is that not only are the details exquisite, but both the box and the bag can easily be repurposed. Inspired by the glowing colour of a late sunset, this unisex fragrance with its deep ruby flacon, heavy embossed brass cap and etched label, is absolutely spectacular — hinting at the lushness of its juice. Blended by master perfumer Alberto Morillas under Alessandro Michele’s creative direction, this is the newest fragrance to join The Alchemist’s Garden collection and as with others in the range, attempts to evoke a specific feeling; in this case, the ephemeral beauty of twilight.


Just as the twilight sky has ribbons of colour blending seamlessly one into the other, so do the notes of this fragrance. Opening up with a burst of aromatic Cinnamon, that warmth then winds itself around Patchouli to temper the former’s sweetness with a musky overtone — not the sour kind, but more earthy and sensual in nature, if that makes sense. The Vetiver kicks in at that point to provide a sharp herbaceous presence, and yet I can still pick up whispers of the Cinnamon in the background, wafting gently in & out. The effect is like tendrils of smoke; imagine blowing out a candle and watching the plume languidly dance as it disappears into nothingness … similar to watching a sunset blaze in glorious colour and then just as quietly, subsiding into the darkness of evening.


I’m such a sucker for details like this … gets me every.single.time.



From the moment I saw the first images of this range, I was enchanted by the entire concept; inspired by vintage apothecary bottles, each fragrance can be worn alone or layered, not to mention how display-worthy the bottles are. Reviewing scent is a very tricky and subjective matter, primarily because what one likes is so unique to each person. That said, I am intrigued and captivated by A Gloaming Night, as much for the poetically romantic name, as for the fragrance harmony of its composition — so much so, that I can’t stop sniffing my wrists whenever I wear it. Pricey? You bet, but let’s put it this way: if it sounds like something you’d love, then treat yourself (or add it to your Christmas list … wink, wink).

Available exclusively at Holt Renfrew Ogilvy




Kindly provided by Gucci for my unbiased consideration

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