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Bloom, the first fragrance released under the helm of Alesandro Michele for Gucci, is a perfect representation of the new feminine duality: a woman who is not afraid to be both vulnerable and fierce at the same time. Even the packaging speaks to this thread, with the romantic Toile de Jouy pattern seen on the box transforming into the modern clean lines of the square bottle, but wait until the first spritz of the scent …



There are times when press packages take my breath away; the arrival of Bloom was one of those times. As a sucker for exquisite detailing, I had a moment worthy of a swooning Victorian-era maiden when I beheld the bag, morphing into full on jaw-dropping upon opening the box. Nestled inside pleated layers of brick red satin was the pure elegance of the deceptively simple-looking bottle, and just like that, I was a goner.


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Gucci Bloom Eau de Parfum (CAN $154.00/100 ml) | Available in 3 sizes ($90.00/30 ml, $114.00/50 ml), Bloom was conceived with today’s contemporary woman in mind. The theme of this fragrance is underscored by the idea of transformation; picture a woman in an urban setting who somehow finds an idyllic garden in the heart of this concrete jungle and enters through its gates, only to find herself surrounded by an ever-changing parade of floral fragrances. Sounds fanciful, right? And yet just the other day, I found myself actually living this out when I attended a media event in the heart of Old Montréal, and where the venue held a treasured secret: a lovely French-style garden completely hidden from the outside world. That was the moment where I truly ‘understood’ what Bloom was about. I absolutely got it.

There is a purity found in the vintage powder pink hue of the bottle — made of porcelain, not glass — with its simple ribbed label banded in black, that is in juxtaposition to the utter romance of the floral red Herbarium Toile de Jouy pattern of the packaging. This contradiction is deliberate, as Alesandro Michele wished to convey the message that woman have more than one side to them. Working closely with master perfumer Alberto Morillas, Bloom is a lush and vibrant fragrance that incorporates something unique in the world of olfactory ingredients: the Rangoon Creeper (I swear, it sounds like a comic book villain’s name. Or maybe even a WWF opponent), a flower that changes colour from white, gradually darkening to pink, then finally red when it blooms. Other key notes include:

  • natural Tuberose, harvested from India
  • natural jasmine Absolute Bud Extract, obtained through an exclusive method of co-extraction that ‘blends a natural quality of jasmine and captive molecules to impart a fresh green & petal scent on the skin


As someone who rarely even looks at florals, I was nevertheless intrigued by the elements that went into the creation of Bloom and was captivated by the very first whiff. The scent seemed to unfold with the wearing, interlacing a variety of flowers together along with a crisp green undertone and a softer sun-soaked soapy fragrance along my skin. But as someone who is prone to an instant migraine with certain notes, I have to tread with caution here, as Bloom is just this side of potent for me to wear head on. The issue is happily solved, however, by spraying a light mist into the air and walking through it; it’s like wearing a memory this way.


Available at Sephora, The Bay, Shopper’s Drug Mart Beauty Boutique



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