Guerlain · La Petite Robe Noire Makeup Spring 2017


For Spring 2017, Guerlain is adding to the range of La Petite Robe Noire makeup with 3 new lip shades, a gel blush, a mascara, and one new limited edition nail polish hue. All feature the iconic ‘upside down heart’ on the packaging and I can pretty much guarantee that you won’t come across a more love-themed collection than this. Oh, did I mention that they’re not only all stellar performers, but smell so good?


La Petite Robe Noire Lipcheek (CAN $35.00) | A two-in-one tinted gel meant for lips and cheeks with buildable colour and infused with a mint derivative that provides a slight plumping sensation and a cooling feel to the skin. Drawing inspiration from its namesake fragrance, Lipcheek also bears a soft floral scent accented with notes of bergamot and rose, as well as lightly flavoured with raspberry — totally delicious, actually.

Bearing a removable outer cap, the product is applied with a brush similar to that of nail polish, only slightly wider. Don’t let the neon pink colour scare you; it lays down quite sheerly along the skin. One layer gives just the barest flush of colour, but here’s the interesting part; as it adjusts to the pH levels of your skin, it starts to deepen just a touch, but by the smallest increments — adding subsequent layers will certainly deepen the tone. As to application, you can dot Lipcheek along bare skin then pat the colour in with your fingers — this gives the most natural look. When applying over foundation, I recommend patting & blending it in with a flat-topped dense brush — this keeps the makeup underneath from moving around.

I love happy coincidences: just look at the heart shape visible under the cap (below) 


La Petite Robe Noire Black Lashdress Mascara (CAN $32.00) | I’ll just say it from the start: Holy Grail status reached. Yes, this mascara is THAT amazing. And just like the perfect little black dress that becomes your main go-to, Lashdress is the “one mascara fits all” version for your lashes. The exclusive two-part brush has a rounded head at the top to add definition and help reach all the little hairs, while the main body provides length, volume, curl, and a heaping load of ooh-la-la. A deep black hue that’s long lasting, clump-free, as well as smudge & flake-proof, it bears a lighter version of the namesake fragrance (totally amazing, actually) that lingers for a bit before fading into the background. Easily removed at the end of the day using a dual-phased product.

True story: When I first swatched Lashdress, I went to get my daughter’s take and she asked me what perfume I had on because it smelled so good — it was the mascara!


La Petite Robe Noire Deliciously Shiny Lip Colour (CAN $38.00/each) | I have two of three new (and I believe limited edition) shades that have just been added to this range (you can read my detailed review here) and every time I wear one, it reminds me of how lovely they truly are. With buildable colour — one swipe gives a light wash, while multiple layers deepen the overall tone (just don’t expect full-on opacity), they’re also infused with light-attracting properties for a brilliant effect and several natural oils that provide a long-lasting hydration to lips, and all bear a light version of the signature fragrance — very inoffensive and which dissipates fairly quickly after application. Plus, with packaging that looks this good, who wouldn’t want to pull one of these out in public?

In the swatches below, I also created an ombré effect by layering Sun-Glasses over Orchid Beanie. So cool, am I right?


La Petite Robe Noire Deliciously Shiny Nail Colour 069 Lilac Belt (CAN $28.00) | Forget Pantone’s proclamation of Greenery being the colour of the year; my vote goes to this stunning orchid hue.

The breakdown: A plush crème hue with jelly-like qualities seen in the springiness of the application and brilliantly glossy finish. The formula leans towards the thick side but is really quite easy to work with, while the intense colour saturation almost makes this a one-coat-wonder, if you load your brush up right. Speaking of which, the Guerlain brush is one of my hands-down favourites to work with, despite the short wand. With a softly rounded head, the bristles splay so perfectly along the nail plate, helping the polish flow ridiculously easy along the nail. Relatively non-staining providing you apply base coat first, the other perk is the totally amazing scent you get once it has fully dried (addictive) — and which can even be refreshed by adding the matching La Petite Robe Noire top coat.

Coats: 2, no top coat (just look at that gloss!)


Filed under things that make me so happy: reviewing products from a brand I love, and all of them turning out to be totally amazing. Lashdress mascara is one I refuse to ever be without and the one I reach for the most. LOVE. The Lipcheek is absolutely perfect for those no-makeup kind of days, and I’ve found it also makes a great anchor for layering powder blush on top (increases longevity). As to the lippies, orange has never been an easy colour for me to pull off but combining Sun-Glasses with Orchid Beanie has become my new obsession. Then there’s the perfection of Lilac Belt … you need this. Enough said.

Available at Sephora now, April 1st all other counters



Media samples kindly provided, all opinions are my own

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  1. I love the lipsticks. The lip/cheek tint seems to be a color not for me. Overall, I don’t find the collection getting me exited. I would prefer Guerlain to have a more mature packaging. This oven the top colors and wording is such a no no. Thanks for the review!!

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