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Inspired by the brand’s cult-fave beauty pearls, Guerlain has recently expanded the Météorites universe with the launch of the first ever bespoke fragrance, Météorites Le Parfum. Master perfumer (and my friend!) Thierry Wasser wanted to capture the freshness and subtlety of the makeup pearls’ iconic violet scent — almost as though the wearer were entering the Météorites pearl workshop … and yes, there actually is a workshop where only 3 people know the exact formulation for these pearls, and mix every batch by hand; crazy, am I right? And although I’ve yet to visit this fabled workshop for myself, after test-driving this lovely scent for some time now, I’d say Monsieur Wasser has most definitely succeeded.



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Météorites Le Parfum, Eau de Toilette (CAN $92.00) | Housed in the same round bottle as the Terracotta Fragrance (which is one of my all-time faves AND one I’ve gone through multiple bottles of — reviewed in detail here) this iteration has a pearlized pink cap and a textured label with imagery that pays homage to the brand’s powdered pearls. Although technically an ‘Eau de Toilette’, this scent is not as intense as a true perfume would be, but rather a softer and more subtle version. Falling into the powdery/fruity/floral category, it opens up with the crispness of apple that’s quickly followed by a violet-rose bouquet, finally rounding off with the sensual note of white musk.

  • Top notes: Bergamot, Apple, green notes
  • Heart notes: violet, rose
  • Base notes: White Musk, woody notes

I have never been able to wear anything powdery; that scent family just doesn’t seem to agree with me. Which was why I’m so stunned to find that Météorites Le Parfum not only works with my body’s chemistry, but doesn’t trigger a headache (as others have done in the past). Taking things even further, I find myself constantly sniffing my wrists throughout the test wearing, and it wasn’t just to learn how the fragrance evolves (beautifully, I might add), but because it smells so unique and interesting. The initial spritz reveals a light tanginess — possibly from the fruit in the formula, and then everything quickly begins softening out, turning creamy and almost nebulous, with the violet note peeking in and out in a flirty way. Keeping things grounded is the woodiness of the base, adding a modern element into what could have easily been an total and utterly feminine fragrance, although that femininity is very clearly identified and represented here … just not in a froufrou kind of way. Sort of like a girly-girl who also has her tomboy side (me).



that pearly pink cap — it’s so pretty & dainty (I’m a sucker for details like this)

The Météorites gang is all here


You won’t ever catch me leaving the house without wearing fragrance in some form (body lotion, hand cream, body oil, or an actual scent), and I’m incredibly fortunate to have a wide variety to choose from — the better to match my mood, if you will. Of course, I have my faves that I reach for on a frequent basis and usually my scent tastes tend to run towards vanilla and/or anything tropical inspired. Then there are days when I want to change things up and step outside of my comfort zone, provided I don’t put myself at risk for a migraine — ugh. Those are the times when I want to wear something light-hearted and perhaps even a bit frilly, and while Météorites Le Parfum certainly falls in that category, it also comes complete with a touch of je ne sais quoi … think: sexy boudoir as opposed to granny-style knickers. In other words, it’s absolutely lovely and so definitely worth checking out next time you’re near a Guerlain counter.

Available at select Guerlain counters & Guerlain Boutiques


Kindly provided by Guerlain for my unbiased consideration

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