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With Spring fast approaching, the House of Guerlain has just launched Mon Guerlain Bloom of Rose Eau de Toilette, the newest member of the highly successful Mon Guerlain family, and once again fronted by muse Angelina Jolie. Personally, I’ll take this kind of bottled bouquet over a fresh floral arrangement any day of the week … it may not pack the same visual impact that masses of blooms do, but it sure as heck will last a lot longer.

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When the package arrived, I opened up what appeared to be a deceptively simple white box, only to find a bottle of Mon Guerlain Bloom of Rose nestled snugly amongst 8 stunning fuchsia roses — real & highly fragrant roses, I might add. Naturally, I had to include them in my shots (I mean, just LOOK at them), and once I was done, I then placed these beauties in a Waterford crystal shallow bowl … and to my utter amazement, they’re still going strong as I write this!

Mon Guerlain Bloom of Rose Eau de Toilette (CAN $108.00/50 ml) | Housed in the same elongated octagonally shaped bottle with its “quadrilobe” stopper as the rest from this range, Bloom of Rose is further differentiated by a metallic rose collar around the neck. The package I received also came with a sheet of rose transfer stickers that I immediately used to personalize my bottle — and I’m absolutely loving the effect. Created by master perfumer (and my friend!) Thierry Wasser along with Delphine Jelk, this is considered a “bright floral”, although the core of this fragrance (Carla Lavender, Sambac Jasmine, Vanilla from Papua New Guinea, and Australian Sandalwood) remains consistent with the original. The inclusion of Bulgarian Rose and Neroli add a fresh & citrusy brightness, turning this into a modern-day floral fragrance: rather shy on the rose quotient, but quite high in fun factor.

Created with a certain ideal in mind, this fragrance represents a call to all women to “live their lives to the fullest and enjoy the moment” — something that’s hard to capture in scent form, but I must say that there’s an inherent happiness found in this fragrance that’s almost uplifting, if that makes any sense.

I really have a thing for exquisite detailing, and Guerlain certainly delivers in that respect, as evidenced by the cut of the glass flacon and iconic quadrilobe (four-lobed) cap. While I’m no fragrance expert, I know what I like scent-wise and more importantly, what works with my body’s unique chemistry. That said, in general florals & I don’t always mesh, but as I adore the original Mon Guerlain, I dove into Bloom of Rose with high hopes.

Interestingly, while “rose” is in the name of this fragrance, that’s somewhat misleading, as this isn’t your usual rose-heavy variety, but something softer and almost wispy; it’s like the rose component is there for behind-the-scenes support, as opposed to acting as the main attraction. There’s a tangy (and slightly sour?) tone upon initial spritzing, but within a few moments that begins to soften into something warmer without being either too sweet or too harsh; in fact, it’s rather hard trying to identify and separate the individual ingredients — and I’ll say that’s what makes this so successful. Several hours later, the dry down is at its most ethereal self, giving me hints of sun-warmed skin (I even get a slight Coppertone-like note) and just a vague memory of rose. Being an eau de toilette, its sillage is naturally shorter than that of perfume — a fact I don’t mind, as it makes this floral easier for me to wear.

How absolutely lovely are the Mon Guerlain siblings?

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Fragrance is an essential element for me, and I completely associate certain important events in my life with specific scents. Guerlain has a long and storied perfume history and in creating Bloom of Rose, has managed to turn the rose — that most stately of flowers — into the 3 F’s: fresh, frisky, & fun. With its dainty pink juice, it’s not only gorgeous to look at, but also so easy to wear. In essence, this is an absolutely perfect Springtime scent, and one I intend to wear throughout Summer too. Finally, a floral for me …

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Kindly provided by Guerlain for my unbiased consideration

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