Guerlain · Morning Love Collection Spring/Summer 2019

As this year’s Winter has been ridiculously harsh, receiving a selection of goodies from Guerlain’s Morning Love Collection for Spring/Summer 2019, is a welcome sight indeed — ushering the first signs of warmth in beauty form. Now if only the weather would actually start heating up …

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Blanc de Perle Pearl Translucency Whitening Essence (CAN $162.00)| The formula contains extracts of Pearl, Japanese Pagoda Tree, Vitamin B7, Japanese Apricot Tree, Licorice Root, and the unique P.E.A.R.L Complex with its cocktail of active ingredients. This combination is meant to help with diminishing the look of dark spots (and prevent them from recurring), provide a smoothing effect on skin to improve radiance and glow, and offer soothing properties for optimal comfort. As with most Guerlain products, scent plays a role in the whole olfactory experience and this essence is lightly fragranced with an accord of white flowers with hints of peppercorn and white mint, a delicate combination but still noteworthy for those with sensitivities.

I have to admit that I usually skip primer; that said, it’s definitely a step I add in when I have a special occasion, or really want my makeup to look flawless & stay the course. Since I deal with some light hyper pigmentation, I’m hopeful that this essence will address any issues in that area, but obviously I’ll need to wear it rather often to benefit from the effect. Still, it’s a nice addition to have in a primer.

Météorites Compact 02 Clair/Light (CAN $77.00) | Housed in a hefty silver metallic compact with a full-sized mirror on the inner lid, this is a travel version of the brand’s iconic Météorites pearls, and comes in 3 formats (Medium and Dark not shown). The four matte & light enhancing shades are classic colour correcting hues and depending on your needs, can either be applied individually, or swirled together for a more encompassing effect.

The formula contains Stardust Technology (and who wouldn’t want to wear stardust, I ask?) which is basically a light-reflecting polymer that “transforms light invisible to the naked eye into an extraordinary halo” (sign me up). Basically, it offers a soft-focus blurring effect along with a comfortable feel, and blends seamlessly into the skin without ever leaving any telltale residue upon the surface. As with all Météorites products, it’s actually quite difficult to accurately describe the effect; once applied, everything just comes together in a way that looks effortlessly good.

Coloured Kit 2-In-1 Eyes & Brows Kit (CAN $64.00) | Personally, I’d call this a 3-in-1; housed in a slim metallic case with a full-sized mirror on the inner lid and including a small dual ended brush (the spoolie is actually quite good AND useful), there are 3 shades: a matte purple, an iridescent purple, and a shimmery pearly champagne — and all three can be used along eyes, while the palest hue can perform beautifully as traditional highlighter (the 3rd use I spoke of) as well as along the brow bone. Texture-wise, the formulation is richly pigmented, easy to blend out or layer up for more depth, and insanely smooth upon application. I wasn’t expecting how versatile these 3 shades would turn out to be, but I do so love a good beauty surprise.

KissKiss Creamy Shaping Lip Colour (CAN $45.00/each) | True story: when I would call my dog over for some cuddling, I would always say “kiss kiss” — and this was way before I knew Guerlain had a product with this name! (I may have even been saying it before the range was created … just saying). With three other shades available (Romantic Kiss, Peach Fizz & Pink Sunrise, not shown), these lipsticks come housed in architecturally inspired cases and have stars & moons engraved on the lipstick bullet (LOVE). The formula is enriched with Hyaluronic Acid Microspheres for a natural lip-plumping effect, along with Commiphora Oil to help smooth lips’ surface. The shimmer provides a subtle holographic effect and also helps to draw light, further adding to the 3 L’s: lush lip look. In a nutshell, these are goof-proof to apply, very complimentary, and feel absolutely amazing.

  • 574 Lilac Moon – soft lilac/lavender with complex shimmer
  • 543 Peachy Star – peach rose with complex shimmer

There is one other piece from this collection that I did not receive, but I’ll definitely be swinging by my nearest Guerlain counter to check out (who am I kidding? We all know I’ll be picking it up) and that’s the Météorites Highlighting Duo with it’s stunning 2-tone design. For fans of the way Météorites perform on the skin (me) but don’t care to cart around a container filled with loose pearls (also me), then you need to give this compact a look-see; unlike pencil or liquid/cream colour correctors, this is hands down the most subtle and truly invisible form you’ll ever wear. All in all, I’m loving the whole light-hearted vibe of this collection, and forget Morning: these pieces are Afternoon and Evening Love too.

Available at select counters & Guerlain boutiques

Kindly provided by Guerlain for my unbiased consideration

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