Guerlain · My Personalized Fragrance Experience

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to the launch of the spectacular new Beauty Hall found in the recently renovated Holt Renfrew Ogilvy store in my hometown of Montréal, where I also there to discover a first of its kind in Canada: Guerlain’s Parfumeur Boutique — and I even had the opportunity to create my very own personalized Bee bottle. When it comes to unique and customized beauty, this feature ranks high up there and most definitely warrants a visit.

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Couldn’t pass up this photo op, right?

A rainbow of Guerlain iconic Bee bottles

Large glass lab bottles filled with Guerlain “juices”

How beautiful are all these colours?

Here I am, going through the selection process (so easy, by the way)

My custom-built Bee bottle in it’s very own box

This new Guerlain Parfumeur Boutique is a unique olfactory world, and while this storied House already has many iconic scents in its roster (hello, Shalimar? To name but one in over 1,100), you can now take things even further by customizing your preferred fragrance … as I did.

The experience begins with a Digital Fragrance Consultation to help you narrow your options down. With over 80 “juices” available to choose from and after selecting your favourite (hint: knowing which scent families you’re not particularly fond of will definitely make the process of elimination easier), the next step is in choosing the shape, size, and colour of your bottle. You then get to select the ribbon (grosgrain, satin, wide, narrow) or rope (gold, silver) that will adorn your bottle’s neck, as well as the bow (tie knot, bow tie, twist). Finally, you can have your bottle engraved with a personalized message and again, there are options here too: the colour of the ink, the type of font, and even the language of your choice. A perk of of creating this scent profile, is that it’s always on file and you can use it for refills as well.

At this point, you get to sit back and enjoy the process as you watch your customized bottle created before your very eyes — the engraving included. The final custom feature is in selecting the tissue paper to match; a particularly nice touch if you’re planning on gifting the bottle.

Note that this service starts at CAN $200.00

I have a weakness for anything vanilla, and so my selection of fragrance was a no brainer: I went with Spiriteuse Double Vanille, a scent created in 2007 by Jean-Paul Guerlain, the great-great grandson of founder Pierre-François Pascal Guerlain (the brand is now part of the LVMH Group). As to the bottle colour, my husband is actually the one who chose red and it immediately felt “right”. Since the bottle was such a vibrant shade, I went with a classic gold rope tie and matching gold engraving — and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the final result.

Unfortunately, I had to leave a little early from the event and wasn’t able to stay and watch/shoot the customization process of my bottle — which is why there are no pictures of the process, but the Guerlain team made sure no detail was overlooked in the creation of my Bee bottle.

I really appreciate the concept of customized beauty and just last week, I had the pleasure of creating my very own foundation shade with Lancôme which is another feature that can only be found in Montréal at Holt Renfrew Ogilvy — read the full review here. Scent is so unique to every single person, and this service that Guerlain offers makes you not only a part of the process, but enables you to custom create an object that will hold a special place in your heart. If creating for a loved one, it becomes a gift that will always be treasured. In the end, it’s about choices and since I hate being told what to do, I’m so thrilled that with this counter I get to call the shots (sort of, but still). Seriously, when in Montréal, do yourself a favour and stop by the Guerlain fragrance counter to explore the possibilities (or even to scout out a Mother’s Day gift, while you’re at it).

Available exclusively at Holt Renfrew Ogilvy, Montréal

A huge thank you to Guerlain for providing this opportunity
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2 Responses to Guerlain · My Personalized Fragrance Experience

  1. Christal Lambert says:

    Thanks so much for your review. Is the fragrance blended however or do you choose from existing blends? Thanks again!

    • Eugenia says:

      Glad you enjoyed my review! As the fragrances, you choose from existing blends Guerlain has (which isn’t a bad thing, considering they have many too select from, lol)

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