Guerlain · New Terracotta for Summer 2019


For Summer 2019, Guerlain has expanded the Terracotta family with several new additions — all of which means we now have even more amazing options in this incredible range. And in keeping with this brand’s fragrance lineage, there’s also a new member in the Aqua Allegoria collection; if the scent doesn’t grab you, I’m betting the bottle sure will.



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This Summery beach bag is one totally useful PR perk



Light Terracotta Skin Foundation Stick (CAN $60.00) | Available in six sun-kissed shades, this is an ultra creamy foundation in a convenient retractable stick format. The lightweight yet still buildable coverage is super velvety and easy to blend out, with a gossamer light feel that does not come off as heavy or greasy. Said to be waterproof as well (not that I’ll be testing it in actual water since I don’t wear makeup while swimming — but I’m thinking that’s a good option for combatting sweatiness), the formula also features spherical powders which also help in mattifying skin; that said, the finish is very natural looking, and not flat as a true matte. Note that the darker shades can also be used for contouring/sculpting.

My preferred way of using this foundation is by first swiping on a few stripes to the cheeks, forehead, chin, and bridge of the nose, then I blend that out with a dense flat-headed foundation brush. Fingers will do the job as well, although I prefer using a brush so that the end result is more uniform and eliminates mess. As with all products in the Terracotta range, this bears a whisper light version of that yummy tropical fragrance, but which seems to dissipate quickly after application.

Gold Terracotta Skin Highlighting Stick (CAN $62.00) | Available in three radiant shades (Nude, Gold and Bronze) and one universal blush (Blush/Coral), this is a cream highlighter in a retractable stick format. The illuminating formula is based on micro-powders and soft-focus pigments that enhance the complexion, leaving a gorgeous glow behind. The texture is ultra smooth and so incredibly easy to blend out, while the cream finish helps it come to a flawless finish upon the skin without ever appearing as though it’s sitting at surface level. Note that this bears the same light fragrance as the Foundation Stick.

I happen to have a thing for highlighters, and while they come in many formats, a cream texture will always be the easiest to blend out and look like it’s part of the skin. That being said, the effortless way this one applies and the beautiful finish it imparts, has quickly made it my most reached-for highlighter to date AND it looks amazing against a bit of a tan (which is still a work in progress for me), but will work equally beautifully all year round, since the actual colour is quite universal and not over the top.



Medium Terracotta Touch Loose Powder To Go (CAN $70.00) | Available in three shades, this is a tinted loose face powder that has blurring corrective beads along with radiance revealing flakes which helps provide a flawless finishing touch to the complexion. The incredibly fine-milled powder has a silky texture and feels whisper-light along the skin, leaving behind a velvet-matte finish — one that never comes off as flat or chalky. The formula is also enriched with Jojoba Oil, which is there to help it retain a comfortable sensation throughout wear. The container comes equipped with a flocked applicator on top; after removing the inner seal, all you need to do is pat it directly onto the skin to release the powder, then buff that in with the mess-proof applicator (or your fingers, but that might be a bit uneven and/or messy), for a truly flawless finish.

I wasn’t sure what to expect with this powder, but one thing’s for sure: it has seriously impressed me. For starters, the finish upon the skin is imperceptible, but still manages to provide that certain je ne sais quoi effect that just makes you wonder how your skin looks so good. Guerlain is seriously the master at that, in my opinion. I was also pleasantly surprised to find that it doesn’t move foundation around when you pat it on top, but in case you’re concerned, you can always remove the applicator and use a brush to apply it more directly onto the skin. Either way, this one’s a keeper.





03 Natural Brunettes Terracotta Bronzing Powder (CAN $70.00) | Originally launched in 1984, this powder has since gone on to reach icon status, not to mention being one of the brand’s best-sellers to this day. Available in 6 shades, this bronzer is still the one to rule them all: an ultra fine silky texture that provides an incredibly natural result which never oxidizes, a long-wearing comfortable & moisturizing feel upon the skin, AND a distinctive fragrance like no other (tropical, summery, and oh-so exotic, but which fades quickly after application). The finish is also unmatched by any other brand, as it’s neither flat nor shimmery, and hard to describe; more along the lines of a healthy glow.

Personally, I’ve reached for this bronzer for years now and while I do wear others, this is still my go-to standard. For one, the finish is the most natural I’ve come across and literally goof-proof — the delicate texture makes it hard to screw up. I’m still not sure about the colour-coding (either Blondes or Brunettes … why?), but as long as it works they can call it whatever they want, lol.




Aqua Allegoria Flora Cherrysia Eau de Toilette (CAN $87.00/ 75 ml) | Described as an aromatic fruity fragrance, this is the newest addition to the Aqua Allegoria range of fresh fragrances, originally created in 1999 and which pays homage to brand’s long history of Eau de Colognes. The nose behind Flora Cherrysia is Thierry Wasser (my friend!), who drew inspiration from the colour of cherry blossoms (hence the hue of the juice), and wanted to elicit an uplifting feel for the wearer. The bottle is simple yet refined, and pays tribute to the brand’s signature bee with the golden honeycomb mesh draping along the shoulders. The notes include Watermelon and Calabrian Bergamot (top), Cherry Blossom, Pear, and Rose (heart/middle), and White Musk, Violet and Woody notes for the base. As this is an eau de toilette, staying power is definitely less than if it were a perfume, but that will also depend on your own body’s chemistry and how it reacts.

At first spritz, I definitely pick up the fruitiness of both the watermelon and cherry blossom, but the underlying citrus note of the bergamot quickly steps in to give it a fresh little kick. A little later on, the fragrance morphs into a soft creamy floral, coming to a powdery light musk finish. As always, scent is very personal and it’s hard to say if what works on me will work on you; in this instance, this one — as lovely as it is — doesn’t seem to jive with my body’s chemistry and probably that’s due to the fact that I’m not a fruity/floral person to begin with, although you’ll have to check it out in person to see how it works for you.



As expected, Guerlain does not disappoint when it comes to Summery bronzing and if you’ve yet to try anything from the Terracotta range, you certainly owe it to yourself (and your skin) to check these products out. With regards to fragrances, that’s entirely subjective and only YOU know what will work on you — if Flora Cherrysia doesn’t seem like your cup of tea, then I highly recommend checking out the others in this collection, as there are some absolutely lovely scents perfect for Summer. Also, as excited as I am to use these products, I have to admit that the beach bag included as a PR perk makes me so, so happy!

Available at select Guerlain counters nationwide



Kindly provided by Guerlain for my unbiased consideration


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