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From the brand that has mastered the art of flawless bronzing, Guerlain introduces Summer By Terracotta, including this trio of new (and of course, limited edition) products in the ever-expanding Terracotta family, all aiming to get you ready for the season: a unique new bronzer in cushion format, a highlighter made of unicorn tears (possibly), and a powdered bronzer that will definitely make you cry to actually mar its surface with a brush … but which is so well worth diving into.



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Terracotta Cushion Fresh Bronzing Fluid Makeup in Medium (CAN $61.00) | Available in 2 shades (Naturel not shown), the latest iteration of Guerlain’s iconic Terracotta range comes in a liquid/cushion format and is meant to be worn either under a powdered bronzer, or layered up on its own for the most natural & seamless-looking tanned hue. The buildable formula contains healthy glow pigments and a powder with smoothing and correcting effects, leaving a velvety finish along the skin that never looks cakey. Bearing a delicately soft Tiaré Flower fragrance (which instantly makes me think of all things warm & tropical), it dissipates fairly quickly after application and is never overwhelming. The travel friendly compact also includes a small pad for application which actually does an excellent job of buffing the product easily into the skin, although you can also go in with either fingers or a dense flat synthetic brush for the job as well. The resulting finish is pretty much amazing, looking totally natural and never flat or overly shimmery.


Terracotta Route des Îles, limited edition (CAN $76.00) | Undoubtedly the eye-catcher of this collection, this “tan enhancing bronzer” is part work of art and part totally-amazing bronzer. Housed in an environmentally sound wooden compact (using wood from PEFC approved sustainably managed forests) that is made unique this year via a hinged opening versus the magnetic closure of past versions (thank you for that, Guerlain), it also holds a large mirror on the inner lid. The detailed compass pattern on the surface is absolutely gorgeous, with the brand’s best-selling 03 shade making up the tanned portion, and pop of peach/coral in the centre for extra warmth. The golden ‘rays’ are actually an overspray that will get wiped away within the first few uses, but somehow a touch of the shimmer does remain slightly behind. For those like me who have an obsession with Guerlain’s seasonal Terracotta bronzers, the fragrance is instantly recognizable as well: ylang-ylang and orange blossom notes that are married to Tonka Bean and vanilla, and rounded out by white musk to form a creamy and that perfect oh-so-tropical scent. Made with the same healthy glow pigments as the Cushion, the fine-milled powder also includes moisturizing properties that help your skin look its best throughout the wearing, and never as though it’s just sitting at surface level. Really, how can anyone possibly resist?




Naturally, I had to pull out my other similarly housed bronzers to compare, and while the texture on all is relatively identical (barring the shimmer level), and even with a common thread colour-wise, I’m happy to say that Route des Îles is still different enough to warrant adding to your bronzer arsenal.


I also wanted to include the two limited edition Guerlain bronzers that came in these reusable tins (not that I’ll ever finish any of them to repurpose the container, but I appreciate the thought), and once again, the shade range may be in the same family but the resulting finish is different enough with Route des Îles that there are no duplicates.


Terracotta Summer Glow, limited edition (CAN $64.00) | Housed in a pearly flat compact, this is a warm golden highlighter hue with something pretty magical: shimmer that lays down smoothly along the skin, without appearing gritty or obvious — and with just the right combination of EXTRA & sophistication. My first thought was that perhaps it was a duplicate for last year’s Gold Light, but one quick swatch proved otherwise; Summer Glow is what gold highlighter dreams are made of. Bearing the same fragrance as Route des Îles, it also includes incredibly fine mother of pearl in the formula for that perfect sun-kissed radiance, one that seems to get better throughout the wearing, I might add.





In comparing the two, the biggest difference is in the level of pigmentation; Gold Light definitely has a more subtle finish that’s perfect for anyone wanting a hint of highlight that leans more ‘naturally glowing’, while Summer Glow has more presence and impact, but can also be blended out to appear more diffused as well.


Let’s just say that when it comes to bronzing, no one does it better than Guerlain. Having created one of the first powdered bronzers over 30 years ago, the secret recipe has been slightly tweaked and continuously refined over the years, making this one of the best you will ever come across — and the reason why these bronzers are the ones I reach for over every other brand I own (and I own a lot). The new cushion is another winner in my book, as I can not only customize the resulting finish, but plan on taking with my when I go away in a few weeks, to help keep my tan looking flawlessly smooth. As to the highlighter? Golden, radiant, perfection. Need I go on? I didn’t think so.

Available at select counters and Guerlain Boutiques


Kindly provided by Guerlain for my unbiased consideration

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