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From the moment I tried on my very first Guerlain bronzer I was smitten, and that particular love affair continues with these latest releases from the Terracotta family. What makes this range stand head & shoulders above their competitors, is the finish upon the skin: radiant, luminous, and oh-so lusciously sun-glowy … but in a good & healthy way that doesn’t require any wait time to get you there.



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Terracotta Matte & Shiny, limited edition (CAN $76.00/each) | New this season, these bronzers come in two finishes: matte or shiny. The limited edition packaging is meant to evoke a ‘talisman’ and bears a full-sized mirror on the inner lid, while the tin container may also be re-purposed once the product is finished. The formula is the same iconic Terracotta classic: exceptionally fine-milled, pretty much mistake-proof, and long-lasting but has been tweaked by the addition of a “unique energizing Vitamin T complex” that consists of Vitamin C (Skin Energizer) and Vitamin E (Antioxidant Booster & Free Radicals protection). In addition, there’s that heavenly fragrance that instantly transports one to a sunny tropical isle — something you may want to note if you have a scent sensitivity (but seriously, it’s deliriously yummy).

Terracotta Ultra Matte Bronzing Powder, limited edition | I wouldn’t call this a true matte finish, as there’s still a slight sheen left behind — and that’s a good thing, as it keeps it from looking either flat or dull once applied. Apart from using Ultra Matte in its intended way, I also like applying a bit at the eye crease to help tie my Summery makeup look together — and it also works beautifully as a contour shade for those with light to light-medium skin tones.

Terracotta Ultra Shine Bronzing Powder, limited edition | This has to be what the sun’s rays in bronzer form must look like, because that’s the effect Ultra Shine has on the skin. A hybrid highlighter-bronzer, this can certainly be worn solo but I like layering it in tandem with Ultra Matte for more depth of tone. By the way, you don’t really need to bother with either blush or highlighter when using this beauty, as it’s pretty much a complete face look rolled into one product.
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Terracotta Sun Tonic 03 Natural Brunettes, limited edition (CAN $63.00) | This universally flattering shade, 03 Natural Brunettes, has a new look for Summer 2017: a shimmery peach outer casing and a sun ray pattern on the powder’s surface. Bearing the same classic formula & fragrance as that in the permanent range, this is one hue I rely one time & again for that effortless sun-kissed effect.

Note in the swatches below, I’ve compared Sun Tonic to the regular Terracotta 03 Natural Brunettes and while they do appear very similar, I feel that this year’s version seems to be a touch less amber-leaning.

Comparison to Terracotta 03 Natural Brunettes, permanent range

Terracotta Sunless Spray (CAN $64.00) | An ultra-fine mist that almost borders on the invisible side (but it’s not), to help provide a ‘made-to-measure’ sunless tan. Bearing the sensual tropical fragrance of the Tiaré flower, the mist is so fine that you don’t really need to use your hands to rub this spray in — although I prefer being in control of placement, so I do use my hands (I actually don’t have to, but I’m anal that way). Thanks to a low DHA concentration in the formula (the ingredients that reacts with your skin’s pH levels), you can adjust the intensity of the tan you wish to have:

  • 1 application – a light tan
  • 2 applications – a medium tan
  • 3 application – a deep tan

Terracotta Jolies Jambes, limited edition (CAN $72.00) | Available in 2 shades (the lighter shade is shown here), this product is pretty magical; I recently put it to a very vigorous test when I had back to back family functions to attend, and I was literally stunned by the effect. Think: a bonafide airbrush finish — it almost looked like I was wearing nylons, that’s how flawless the skin on my legs appeared, with all imperfections seemingly blurred away. The initial peachy hue threw me and I wasn’t sure it would be a good match for my skin tone, but surprisingly it not only worked, but seemed to morph and almost adjust to meet my complexion. Sorcery, I tell you. Bonus point scored for a long-lasting and non transferable finish that is easily washed off with soap & water.


Unless something drastically changes, I will continue to be a lifelong fan of everything Terracotta (I’m on my third bottle of the namesake fragrance). The performance of all shown here is laughably superior to many other similar products available and while the prices may lean on the steep side, I’m a firm believe in the “you get what you pay for” school of thought; where a bronzed look is concerned, there really isn’t room for error. Then again, the collector in me would actually feel physical pain if I let these beauties slip through my fingers … #resistanceisfutile

Available at Sephora, The Bay, Guerlain Boutiques, Institute & select counters



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