Happy Canada Day … with a little help from CHANEL!

Canada Day 2013 opener


In preparation for a post to honour my country’s birthday, I began rummaging through my makeup collections for inspiration – and came up blank … until my eye fell upon 2 items that I had inadvertently placed side by side: Joues Contraste Powder Blush in ‘Rouge’ (from the Limited Edition Collection Byzance Fall 2011 – swatched here) and Joues Contraste Powder Blush ‘#78 Délice’ (from the recently released Limited Edition Les Délices de CHANEL Collection 2013 – review coming soon). Red and white, the colours of our flag – perfect! To round out the little tableau, I also added Glossmer #151 Aragonite, a pearly lipgloss with iridescent particles that looks amazing on everyone (working on my 3rd tube of it as we speak), and Rouge Allure Lacque in #75 Dragon, an intensely powerful and long-lasting blue based red lip gloss, that is sadly now discontinued – a fact that I don’t understand, as this formula is beyond stellar. Still, it makes me happy that I can show my patriotic pride in such a chic way — in true beauty blogger style!



Canada Day 2013 & CHANEL

All CHANEL – from left: Glossimer #151 Aragonite, Joues Contraste Rouge, Joues Contraste #78 Délice, Rouge Allure Lacque #75 Dragon

Canada Day 2013 Dragon swatch

Rouge Allure Lacque #75 Dragon – lusciously red, glossy, and deliciously long-lasting


Canada Day 2013 Dragon lip print new


14 Responses to Happy Canada Day … with a little help from CHANEL!

  1. Latica says:

    Where can I buy Delice blush? Is it aveliable in Europe?

  2. I love this makeup, it’s very beautiful !!! Thank you 🙂 <3
    I love your blog, he is very great !!

  3. Fabulous dahling! Happy Canada Day! Love that you rocked it out so patriotically 😀

  4. That red lip gloss is absolutely gorgeous! xx

  5. Happy Canada Day! \o/

    I love the red & white makeup theme! That gorgeous white Joue Contraste is calling my name but I must resist for now, le sigh. 🙂

    • Eugenia says:

      Happy Canada Day to you as well, Liz!

      I resisted Délice as well….then I made the mistake of not only swatching it on my hand (total failure that way — it looks ridiculously stark & so not how it actually applies), but applying it on my face — what finally convinced me. It’s ultra, ultra finely milled and gives the most unreal (as in amazing) glow … very Galadriel, but in a non-flashy Elven kind of way, if that makes sense!

      PS: Bet everyone thought I’d be going with a Canada Day themed mani, right? 😉

  6. This is adorable Eugenia! Happy Canada Day!

  7. Chanel is perfect for every occasion!

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