Hermès · Or Permabrass Highlighter & Orange Boîte Nail Enamel


When Hermès launched their first beauty products in the fall of 2020, I don’t know how I managed to resist picking anything up; maybe I was waiting for the right pieces to find me … and I’m so glad they did. Good things come in orange boxes, as they say (well, I say it).



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Normally, I’m not a fan of excessive packaging but as this is Hermès, I knew going in that the luxe factor would be next level.

It’s the details for me; I love how each piece comes snuggled in its very own little orange box



01 Or Permabrass Poudre d’Orfèvre, limited edition (CAN $127.00) | Housed in a white lacquered compact designed by Pierry Hardy, the cap bears an engraved golden disc with Hermès’ Ex Libris signature. Inspired by the art of goldsmiths (‘orfèvre’  is actually french for goldsmith), the surface of the powder has the same intricate embossed pattern. The shade is a unique gold hue, leaning neither too cool nor warm, and thus suitable on a broad range of skin tones. The texture is, in a word, magical; almost gel-like to the touch, it leaves behind a ‘wet-glow’ finish, but one that’s never over the top or gaudy … just pure perfection. When you read that the formula contains “golden mother of pearl”, you just know from the outset that it’s going to me good, am I right?

I have highlighters in a variety of shades (and formulas), and yet I always gravitate towards anything golden; that said, not all shades of gold compliment my skin but Or Permabrass is that one unicorn that hits all the right notes. Providing radiance without obnoxious shine, it even looks amazing with wear and somehow manages to do all that, without emphasis pores. Now, I’m seriously considering getting a backup.




33 Orange Boîte Nail Enamel (CAN $63.00) | From the minute I heard the brand was launching nail polish, I knew that the first shade I would get had to be something quintessentially Hermès, and nothing says that more than this iconic orange colour. Housed in its own mini box, the unique bottle shape is designed by Pierre Hardy and bears a gold engraved Ex Libris signature on the cap. The range consists of 24 shades, all inspired by the colours of Hermès enamels, while the French-made formula is comprised of at least 71% ingredients of natural origin. The brush has a dense head with slightly tapered bristles that splay easily along the nail bed, enabling you to cover quite a bit of real estate per swipe. With a wonderful flow, the texture is neither too thick nor runny and lays down in a self-levelling way. Coming to a natural über-glossy finish, there’s no staining upon removal either — although I still recommend applying a base coat first for better adhesion, and ending with top coat to help maintain the finish.

The swatches below are all with 2 layers of polish, no base or top coats (for photo purposes).





When it comes to Hermès nail polish, it’s almost a no-brainer that I’d start with something so emblematic of the brand — and I have no regrets on my choice, even if orange is not exactly in my comfort zone. Then when images of this highlighter began circulating, I knew that this was one piece I couldn’t pass up — even if I already have a billion other highlighters. Were these worth the splurge? Absolutely, as the performance of both is stellar. Am I happy about these insane prices? Hell no … but I’ll be adding more nail polishes just the same. Maybe some blushes and lipsticks too, damn it.

Available exclusively at Holt Renfrew


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