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Unintentionally, as I’ve been getting older my focus appears to be shifting more & more towards skincare — not that my love of makeup is going anywhere soon, mind you. That said and for Day 3 of my Skincare Week series, when I was recently approached to partner up and review the Ultime range from IDC+, a brand founded by brothers Eric & Luc Dupont, that happens to be celebrating its 10th anniversary this year AND which hails from my home province of Québec, I was simultaneously proud, intrigued, and excited; I’m always ready to play guinea pig for you guys, and boy will you want to know more about these products. For real.



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Further below, you’ll find an exclusive interview that I was able to score with IDC’s Internal Trainer, Nancy Labonté — read on after the product breakdown to learn more about IDC+ as well as where the future of skincare is headed. As an added perk, IDC is also offering a 15% discount to all my readers (yay!) by using the promo code EUGENIAIDC (oh, and shipping is free on orders over $95.00 which only makes it sweeter!)


One of the star players in the Ultime range, is the brand’s patented REGEN(16) technology which has been created to address all 16 causes of skin aging in a single formula. Made with plant extracts, peptides, Biotech ingredients, and marine extracts, this is cutting-edge and clinically-tested performance power to provide optimal age-fighting (or as I prefer to call it, “age-enhancing”) benefits to your skin. The range targets two levels — one addresses concerns and the other simultaneously helps to correct them. These are made up of the following:

Pro-Youth (includes):

  • hydration (maintains skin suppleness & prevents excessive flaking)
  • barrier function (to protect from external aggressors & minimize water loss)
  • cell anchorage to the extracellular matrix (supports proper fibroblast function for skin firmness)
  • energy production (for vibrant-looking complexion & tissue vitality)
  • oxygenation (to help revitalize the complexion)
  • ECM fiber synthesis (for tone and elasticity)
  • immunity (protection against harmful external aggressors)
  • dermal-epidermal junction cohesion (contributes to skin firmness & prevents skin sagging)

Pro-Aging Mechanisms (includes):

  • oxidation (damage of dermal & epidermal layers that lead to accentuated wrinkles)
  • pigmentation (influences that lead to the appearance of discolouration)
  • keratinization (build up of dead cells on skin’s surface)
  • glycation (loss of elasticity and firmness in skin’s ECM fibers)
  • DNA damage (cell division and premature aging signs)
  • skin matrix degradation (enzyme production which leads to MEC fibre weakening)
  • inflammation (acceleration of premature skin aging, enlarged pores, skin blotchiness & reddening)
  • microcirculation (responsible for dark circles, puffiness & rosacea)



Ultime Age Absolu Anti-Aging Serum (CAN $129.99/30 ml) | diminishes the appearance of deep wrinkles, visibly improves skin elasticity density & volume, helps to tone and tighten skin for a more sculpted facial contour appearance.

Ultime Night Absolute Anti-Aging Cream (CAN $149.99/50 ml) | a high potency cream created to work overnight containing a supercharged cocktail of anti-aging and hydrating ingredients (no joke, but you seriously wake up to baby-butt soft skin).

Ultime Eyes Restructuring and Lifting Serum (CAN $76.99/15 ml) | works the entire orbital zone; helps in lifting the upper eyelid, diminishes the appearance of deep wrinkles, dark circles, puffiness and droopy eyelids, all while firming, smoothening and helping to refine the texture of the delicate skin around eyes.

Ultime Expression+ Deep Wrinkles Concentrate (CAN $79.99/15 ml) | jam-packed with ingredients that target localized wrinkles, including crow’s feet, frown lines (that dreaded #11 between brows — ugh), lip contours, and other bothersome expression lines. And all without needing to resort to invasive procedures, thank you very much.

Ultime Comfort Anti-Aging Anti-Redness Serum (CAN $109.99/30 ml) | helps to soothe skin while also promoting a more toned appearance, visibly reduces signs of redness and surface inflammation. Please note that this serum is currently exclusively available at Jean Coutu, and will be available online at as of September 2018



It’s a pleasure to meet you Nancy, and thanks so much for taking the time to speak with me & my readers!

NL: It is such a pleasure to meet you and by the same occasion meet your readers! Thank you for having me!

IDC is a brand that has been steadily making an impact in the market — what is it that makes this brand stand out in the world of skincare?

NL: “After selling ingredients to major cosmetic companies, we realized that the guidelines for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries were very different. In cosmetics, too often the concentration of ingredients in the finished formula were not as high, leading to a lack of efficacy. Customers paid for empty marketing claims and products formulated for their sensory attributes. We wanted to change that.  IDC relies on decades of expertise in discovering groundbreaking molecules, and a multidisciplinary team of skin specialists that stay up-to-date on the latest anti-aging research. We built a reputation on safe, stable and clinically efficient formulas.”

Regarding the Ultime range, in your opinion is there a “hero” product?

NL: Each collection indeed has its own pillar or “hero” product, a product that personifies the essence of the collection.  The Ultime Collection enhances skin’s density and elasticity, and smoothes deep lines, with highly concentrated REGEN(16).  The hero product in this collection is the “Ultim Age Absolu” serum, a regenerating and restructuring anti-aging serum.  This customer favorite diminishes the appearance of the most stubborn deep wrinkles, visibly improves skin elasticity, density, and volume and visibly tones and tightens skin for a sculpted facial contour appearance.

As products are usually created to work synergistically together, can someone still “mix & match” other ranges from IDC?

NL: Yes they can.  Our skin is our largest organ and can be nourished from the inside out.  When applying a well-balanced and intelligently formulated cosmetic product, your skin will benefit from its concentration of cosmetic molecules.  The key is selecting good products that have been tested clinically and are formulated with nourishing active ingredients. However, as you mentioned, products from a same range are usually formulated to work synergistically.  By choosing same brand products, one might potentially expect additional benefits from their daily beauty ritual.

What makes REGEN(16) such an interesting ingredient, and is it unique to IDC?

NL: “REGEN(16) came after years of researching the causes of skin aging and finding the best molecules to counter them all at once. IDC created REGEN(16) technology 10 years ago to target all 16 causes of skin aging. It delivers visible results and effectively combines the benefits of many traditional anti-aging skincare products into a single formula. It’s supported by eight clinical studies and rigorous tests, making IDC a safe and leading evidence-based skincare brand.

Lastly, what innovations in the world of skincare can we expect to see from IDC coming soon?

NL: I could tell you but I would have to kill you ?!  Seriously, IDC has constant ongoing R&D projects and before an IDC product can be commercialized, years and countless R&D steps are expected.  We want to bring innovation to our customers but above all, we want to offer them safe, effective and clinically tested products to assure their skin benefits from the best. We keep ourselves informed of innovations and launches in the cosmetic active industry and incorporate these novel technologies when their efficacy, safety and stability have been proven by our R&D team. Currently, digital and urban pollution is on our radar, but also developing truly effective all-in-one anti-aging products for the demanding and busy woman.

After having used the Ultime range for several weeks now, I feel comfortable in giving you my honest opinion (as you lovely people know by now, I’m always totally up front with you — regardless of whether a product is sponsored or not. It’s just how I roll). The verdict? I am beyond thrilled with the results I’ve seen and expect to continue seeing. Without the specialized equipment needed to test my skin density, I can only rely on visual clues and how I feel, and what I’m seeing is impressive: my skin not only feels smoother, but I’m noticing that those pesky fine lines are seriously less noticeable as well. The biggest surprise, however, is that my pores have greatly diminished — especially on my nose where they were really noticeable. This unexpected bonus has not only further proved that something (or everything) here is truly working, but helps my makeup look that much better as well. For anyone who’s concerned about targeting skin’s aging process, or even if you want to get a jump-start on helping to keep your complexion at its optimum best, Ultime has you covered (and won’t break the bank either).

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This post was kindly sponsored by IDC, all opinions are my own

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