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Obsessed” is an overused word in social media these days, and yet I can think of no better way to describe how I feel about vanilla fragrance varietals. Make that vanilla ANYTHING. Interesting story; a while back while attending a Valmont skincare press event at their lovely spa boutique in the heart of historic Old Montréal (Valmont Art & Beauty Lounge), I spotted a wall in the reception area displaying the range of Il Profvmo fragrances. I immediately zeroed in on Vanille Bourbon, and one quick spritz later, and I had found the ‘one’ to rule them all.



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The 2-part outer packaging consists of a burgundy sleeve with a raised gold design embellishing the cut-out window, over a grey box which bears a rendering of the same pattern (only done in white). The bottle is of heavy glass with a golden faceted cap, while the tissue-like label on the bottle has an old world feel to it, adding an elegantly simple touch.

Vanille Bourbon, Eau de Parfum (CAN $195.00/100 ml) | Created in 2004 by perfumer and founder Silvana Casoli, this evocative fragrance has taken the ubiquitous vanilla plant to a whole other level. Unlike many commercial scents that wind up being either too candy-like or horribly cloying, Vanille Bourbon comes at you unapologetically, then just as quickly wraps itself around your senses in a smooth yet absolutely intoxicating manner.

Two distinct types of orchids (Bourbon and Yellow) are used to call forth that intense, sweet, and rich vanilla fragrance, while heliotrope, Tiaré Flower, Tahitian Gardenia, and lush amber soon follow, creating an exotic and slightly boozy presence. Finally, this entire symphony becomes grounded via touches of cedar leaves and rosewood.

Over the years I’ve tried many vanilla based fragrances and have also been gifted my fair share, yet with the exception of one that I’ve only sampled but haven’t yet splurged on (Virgin Island Water by Creed), none have ever captured me as fully as Vanille Bourbon. From the very first spritz, it’s like being enveloped in a heady vanilla field, but one that becomes a part of you and literally beckons anyone who comes close to lean in for more. Sexy, sophisticated, sultry, and deliciously sublime — that’s what this baby is all about. It literally hits every single one of my buttons, I might add.


Because fragrance is subject to personal taste, I can only speak about what works for me — so if you’re a fan of vanilla, then Vanille Bourbon might just sit within your wheelhouse. What makes this a standout in my opinion, is its honesty: a luxuriant vanilla fragrance that that has the just the right amount of exotic ingredients to provide creaminess, but it’s still a sensorial scent that stays true to itself in all its vanilla glory. All I can say, is that for me, this one’s a keeper.

Available online and Valmont Art & Beauty Lounge




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