Illamasqua Noble & Cameo Nail Varnish (limited edition)


It’s not always possible to reinvent the “colour” wheel, but cult favourite brand Illamasqua, somehow makes it look easy. Looking deceptively simple in their tall rectangular bottles, the two limited edition hues of ‘Noble’ and ‘Cameo’, still manage to stand out nonetheless – by virtue of their unique twists on light blue. This is taking a primary colour to a whole other new level…

Illamasqua Noble & Cameo

Illamasqua Noble & Cameo


Noble – an intense cyan blue shade, in a formula that literally defines perfection: self-levelling and a perfectly flowing density – neither too thick, nor too thin, making application effortless. Thoroughly pigmented as well, it can easily be a 1-coater if applied thickly enough and the brilliant glossy finish at the end needs to be seen to be believed. Bonus: No staining left behind upon removal. Coats applied: 2

Illamasqua Noble – in sunlight

Illamasqua Noble – indirect light


Cameo – a vivid periwinkle blue with subtle lavender leanings, this shade was a touch more sheer than ‘Noble’, but with a similarly amazing application. This paradoxically vivid yet filtered-looking hue, falls in a completely self-levelling manner, also leaving behind an über-glassy shine to go with its totally unique colour … of which my husband felt compelled to comment on (“wow – what colour is THIS?)! Bonus: no staining left behind upon removal. Coats applied: 2

Illamasqua Cameo – in sunlight

Illamasqua Cameo – indirect light


Final thoughts: I shouldn’t have been surprised that Illamasqua would find a way to create something unseen before in a nail varnish; they seem to excel at that, and these two shades are living proof. Looking at them in the bottles, they not only appeared unassuming, but rather similar as well, leading me to believe that their differences would be negligible – happy to say how wrong I was. Looking through my collection of light blue shades, I found nothing even remotely close enough to compare, and so ‘Noble’ and ‘Cameo’ stand alone – and proud of it!

Available exclusively through Sephora, please note that these are limited edition shades.




*Disclaimer: Product samples provided by the company for my unbiased consideration

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