Illamasqua: ‘Prosperity’ Nail Varnish – Limited Edition Rubber Brights Collection (swatches & review)


It’s not often that the word “rubber” is associated with nail lacquer … unless it happens to come from Illamasqua. This peculiar finish was first introduced in the fall of 2011 with the brand’s ‘Theatre of the Nameless’ collection (previously reviewed here), where its unique look became an instant hit. Recently released as a Sephora exclusive, ‘Prosperity’ is one of 10 new varnishes now available in this “dominatrix-chic” finish – whips not included.

the 10 Rubber Brights shades (source)

Prosperity – boxed


‘Prosperity’ is a paradox in more ways than one; this vivid purple colour which bears some magenta tones in its base but can also look slightly blue-tinged in other lighting, falls somewhere between cool and warm, making it easily worn by all skin hues across the spectrum. The formula was STELLAR: a perfect flow with great opacity even by the first coat, levelling off utterly smooth. Verging into neon territory when initially applied, its unique finish soon tamps down the colour to a lesser intensity, although no less vibrant. The rubberized finish takes about 1 1/2 minutes to develop, leaving nails looking softly diffused, as though seen through a filter. Ridiculously COOL! Coats applied: 2
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Another benefit to a varnish with this finish, is that you can easily change things up by adding a layer of top coat for a glossier look, or take things back down a notch by applying a mattifying varnish, as evidenced by the 3 looks I’m showing for each of the following swatches (all done with base coat). buy bystolic online no prescription

  • the original rubberized finish looks almost 3D and slightly “out-of-focus”, almost fuzzy
  • the glossy look really emphasizes its “purpleness”, turning up the intensity
  • the mattified version muddies up its appearance by making it look slightly flat – an even easier way to wear a colour this extreme

in sunlight

in sunlight, top coat added

in sunlight, mattified

shaded light

shaded light, top coat added

shaded light, mattified

with flash

with flash, top coat added

with flash, mattified


Final thoughts: I absolutely love the chameleon-like properties of this finish; the super-vivid colour ensures your nails will get noticed, then the rubberized finish will guarantee a double-take. Bearing an amazing formula that almost applies itself, doesn’t hurt either – that’s for sure. Something about this entire look is almost subliminally seductive, yet still manages to stay modern & sophisticated … not sure how Illamasqua managed to capture all those qualities in a bottle of nail varnish, but there it is.
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Illamasqua’s ‘Prosperity’ (CDN $18.00/15 ml), is one of the 10 limited edition ‘Rubber Finish Nail Varnishes’ and available only through Sephora as an online exclusive – get ’em while they’re hot!




*Disclaimer: Product sample provided by the company/PR for my unbiased consideration

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