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Filed under strange but true facts: when most people think of skincare, they rarely include the neck (or décolletage) in their daily regimen, but believe it or not, those are areas that show some of the most obvious signs of skin aging. Also, thanks to the digital age we currently live in, “tech-neck” is now a thing. And I don’t mean that in a positive way, either — but stay with me here, because there’s hope on the horizon. For Day 2 of my skincare series and from the brand that continues to earn my loyalty thanks to some totally kick-ass (and affordable) products, comes the new Contour+ Scuplting Gel Concentrate, specifically created for the afore-mentioned areas. Cue the angelic choir …



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Jouviance Contour+ Sculpting Gel Concentrate (CAN $75.00) | I’m going to start off with a rather alarming trend: the issue of wrinkles and sagging below the neck and along the jowls, is now starting on average 10 years earlier than it used to. I’ll let that sink in for a minute. If you happen to be someone who owns more than one digital device i.e.: cell phone, laptop, tablet (me), and peek at any of said devices approximately 150 times or anywhere between 2-4 hours per day (also, me), then you need to pay attention. This lifestyle has resulted in what dermatologists have dubbed “tech-neck”, wherein this constant bending to look at screens is leading to an acceleration in sagging skin, dropping jowls (are you scared yet?), and that distinct crease above the clavicle — and scariest of all, it’s now negatively impacting the 18-39 year old demographic.

In fact, where previous generations were mainly concerned with addressing their T-zone, they now need to focus more on their Y-zone (lower face, throat & neck), because all this technology has definitely come at a price. Now, one solution is available via this latest release from Montréal-based Jouviance, a brand from my home town of Montréal — and moreover, one that I’ve come to trust completely due to the phenomenal results I’ve experienced with all of their products that I’ve tried out thus far.

How Contour+ works, is by combatting this loss of firmness and elasticity via the help of several proven ingredients, namely:

  • Liftonin-Xpert (an active ingredient extracted from the sap of Yellow Bulbine found in Africa,  called the ‘face, neck & décolleté architect’)
  • Actificol (a shiitake extract known as the elixir of life and which helps in collagen synthesis, also responsible for helping control the collagen degradation process)
  • Filmexel (a tensor agent and active ingredient that forms a biomimetic film i.e.: a resistant, flexible and non-occlusive film along skin to provide an immediate lifting action)
  • Gatulene In-Tense (naturally derived from acmella flowers to provide a firming, lifting and resculpting effect on skin)
  • Hyaluronic Acid (a natural component of the skin, and a key player in maintaining hydration levels, along with contributing to elasticity, firmness and volume)

Skin slackening is caused by many factors, genetics among them — but the repetitive action of bending down to look at screens, is the main culprit behind the increase seen lately. This has led to a decrease in collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid, and hydration at the dermal level — all areas that Contour+ aims to target. I’ll be honest: my neck and the increase I’ve noticed in lines and loss of firmness, has been bothering me for quite some time now, so I couldn’t wait to give this product a shot.

Application TIP: start by dispensing 1 pump of product onto the tips of fingers, warming that up with fingers pressed together, then applying that along the neck and décolletage using an upwards motion.

The first week of consistent twice-daily use, didn’t really wow me — and even though I know better than to expect immediate results, I still hoped to see something. Anything. Then, something changed mid-way through my second week of testing; I saw a marked improvement along the skin of my neck and the area between my boobs (yup … I’m taking no chances and smearing this EVERYWHERE). I’m now wrapping up my 4th week and while my neck certainly isn’t line-free, it’s not the bane of my existence it was before I began my testing. I’ll go so far as to say that the skin along my neck and décolletage appears firmer, somewhat plumper, and smoother. See? It pays to be consistent and to hang in there … good things happen when you do.



I’ve always used the ‘French Application’ method for my skincare; a process that encompasses my entire face, ear lobes, and neck — although I haven’t always gone as far as the décolleté. I also take any excess left over and massage it into my hands and cuticles. You’d think that with all that attention, my neck would be in better firmer shape, but I’m proof positive of the downside to all this technology. That said, I now take steps to try and limit my neck bending (it’s hard, but I’m hoping to make it a habit to keep my devices at eye level) and more importantly, Contour+ has now become my newest BFF & best weapon to fight the dreaded sag … a worthwhile investment, you might say.

Available online and through Shopper’s Drug Mart/Pharmaprix stores across Canada


Kindly provided by Jouviance for my unbiased consideration

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