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Jouviance event opener


Several weeks ago, I was invited to visit the beautiful new offices of skincare & beauty brand Jouviance (founded in 2003, here in my home town of Montréal – all products are tested and manufactured in Canada). Along with other members of the media, I was treated to a preview of the brand’s latest: the Glyco|Laser Soft Peel range of products.

Located in a fast-booming part of the city, I entered what appeared to be a rather nondescript building, only to be surprised by an interior boasting an interesting mix of modern industrial coupled with organic touches, as well as soaring ceilings that added to the inviting atmosphere. The decor of the Jouviance offices continued this theme, and after tearing myself away from a table set up with the most delicious nibbles, we were then seated in a spacious conference room for a detailed presentation of the new range. I was privileged to be seated next to one of the founders of the company, renown biochemist Roger Southin, where we talked in depth of the new Glyco|Laser range and I was given insight on how the company began, along with his personal approach to the products they create.

The newly launched Glyco|Laser range is a collection of four face products:

  • Glyco|Laser 10 Soft Peel Lotion 10% AHA + BHA (for daytime) CAN $40.00/60 ml
  • Glyco|Laser 5 Soft Peel Night Cream 5% Glycolic Acid CAN $40.00/50 ml
  • Glyco|Laser 10 Soft Peel Night Cream 10% Glycolic Acid CAN $40.00/50 ml
  • Glyco|Laser 5 Soft Peel Mask 5% Glycolic Acid $40.00/100 ml

Inspired by the latest laser resurfacing techniques, this range has been created to help boost the natural exfoliation process resulting in skin that is firmer, more toned, radiant, and resurfaced in as little as 4 weeks – all without any irritation, redness, or adverse after-effects – unlike other chemical peels that can often be harsher than some people can tolerate. By incorporating a patented QV3 soothing complex in the formula (Calmosensine™, allantoin, and bisabolol) the risk of irritation is significantly minimized, which in turn makes these products easy and effective for daily use. The mask includes two earth clays to help with diminishing pore size and to counter hyperpigmentation & sun damage, and is excellent in targeting breakouts, along with increasing the efficacy of both the lotion and night cream (NOTE: always follow any directives listed).

Upon leaving, I was gifted with the entire range and being something of a skincare fanatic enthusiast, I couldn’t wait to begin my testing. I must add here that my skin is quite tolerant and rarely do I experience sensitivity or breakouts; knowing this, I felt confident in diving right into the Glyco|Laser 10 Night Cream, although it’s recommended to start with the lighter formulation (5%) first, especially if you’re unsure of your skin’s reaction or have experienced sensitivity with other skincare products.

That same evening, I immediately applied the Glyco|Laser 10 Night Cream after cleansing; the first thing I noticed was the texture, which feels more like a gel-cream and even cool to the touch, but still rich enough that is sits comfortably upon the skin without sliding around – although it does take some time to become fully absorbed (and even then, I still felt a slight tacky sensation but which was definitely fully absorbed by morning). The scent has a naturally derived citrus element which is not unpleasant, but I still find it to be somewhat clinical and takes a little getting used to, becoming undetectable quickly enough once applied. The second thing I noticed was a slight prickling sensation – but again, it wasn’t anything excessive and I must state that I haven’t really felt any tingling since (like I said: my skin in extremely tolerant). In the morning and after cleansing, I followed up with the similarly-scented Lotion: bearing a milkier formula, this becomes absorbed much faster into the skin than the Night Cream, and any tingling I felt with this product was negligible but again, this will vary from person to person. That evening, I decided to dial things up a notch; if 10% glycolic acid worked well, wouldn’t 20% be even more effective? So, being the maverick that I am, I decided to add 2 layers of the Night Cream (I waited about 15 minutes between application). The result? Not only did my skin tolerate the addition, but I swear I woke up to THE softest skin I’ve ever felt. By the way, I typically apply my moisturizers the ‘European’ way: the entire face, earlobes, neck, and décolleté.

As to the Glyco|Laser 5 Mask, I have been using it 3 times a week to not only boost the effectiveness of both the Lotion and the Cream, but to help with an even more thorough cleansing of my pores. The two clays in the formula make this an amazing product for anyone who has combination and/or oily skin, although it’s gentle enough to be used by those with normal complexions as well (as with the other products, make sure to follow all directives beforehand). Bearing a similar but much lighter version of the same fragrance, a light film of this parchment-coloured cream is applied all over the face (and neck, if desired but avoid the eye area) then allowed to dry for about 15 minutes. I prefer using a washcloth dampened with warm water to remove all traces, which also aids in increasing circulation. The outcome: a fresh & toned complexion with reduced pore size.

For the past few weeks, I have been diligently using both the Glyco|Laser 10 Night Cream and the Glyco|Laser 10 Lotion daily, interspersed with the Glyco|Laser 5 Mask three times a week (I didn’t bother with the Glyco|Laser 5 Night Cream at all) and I am beyond thrilled with the results I’ve seen thus far: my skin not only feels incredibly soft and smooth to the touch, but there’s an overall brightness and evenness of tone, while fine lines seem to be more ‘relaxed’. Regarding pore size, I’m not sure if they’ve physically been diminished or it’s more that regular cleansing has kept debris from collecting there, but I have noticed that my foundation seems to sit better along my skin, so I’ll go on record and say that something is definitely working.

I hope you enjoy the following photo recap of the event, and that my experience has at least made you curious enough to give this amazing brand a look.


Jouviance event 1

Lobby entrance – totally loving the concrete/steel elements against the wood beams

Jouviance event 2


Jouviance event 3


Jouviance event 4

Caught in blogger mode (or is that picture-in-picture?)

Jouviance event 5

The lovely conference room setup

Jouviance event 6


Jouviance event 7

With founder Roger Southin

Jouviance event 8


Jouviance event 9

Wine always makes a presentation go down so easy

Jouviance event 10


Jouviance event 11

A display of Jouviance’s colour cosmetics

Jouviance event 12


Jouviance event 13


Jouviance event 14

I may or may not have eaten everything in the above photo

Jouviance event 15


Jouviance event 16

Went home with these as well…what a lovely touch!

Jouviance event 17

Happy blogger….


Apart from the fact that the Glyco|Laser range of products has proven its effectiveness to me, I love how it does so without breaking the bank, making it one of the easiest investments one can make for a healthy complexion. Lastly, Jouviance skincare products are created to meet the needs of even the most sensitive skin types and have none of the following (PS: free shipping on orders over CAN $70.00 via the website):

  • DYES

Jouviance cosmetics are sold exclusively through Jean Coutu locations (Canada). Jouviance skincare can be found at Brunet, Familiprix, Jean Coutu, Pharma Plus, Proxim, Shopper’s Drug Mart/Pharmaprix, and Uniprix stores across Canada. For more information on the brand and other retailers (US and Korea), visit


A huge thank you to Jouviance and all involved for hosting this amazing event

Press samples provided by Jouviance for my unbiased consideration

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  1. Goddesslily says:

    Very nice post and you look stunning! Well, I use Retin-A regularly (every night to be exact) to keep the collagen in my skin and once I tried a Glycolic Peel, it came in a set with the peel and an liquid activator which had grains, afterwards my skin was so tender. I did the treatment in the morning and that night I used my Retin- A, I almost jumped because I felt a burning sensation, so I never used the peel again.

    • Eugenia says:

      Thank to for the kind words! I seem to recall that this product shouldn’t cause any extra sensitivity for those already using a retinoid but as I’m not an expert, I couldn’t say for sure – if I learn differently, I’ll be sure to update it here!

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