Kat Von D · Pastel Goth Eyeshadow Palette, Lock-it Makeup Setting Mist & Petal Brightening Powder


I’ll put it out there: neutrals are my comfort zone, but I confess to an almost childlike glee when I received Kat Von D’s Pastel Goth Eyeshadow Palette. These happy colours also remind me of Easter and all things Spring, which is always a good thing in my book as it means warmer weather is not that far behind … that said, I guess that also means that this Makeup Setting Mist will probably be getting quite the work out too, no?


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Pastel Goth Eyeshadow Palette, limited edition (CAN $51.00) | I don’t know much about either Kat Von D the person or the brand, but from what I’ve gathered she’s doesn’t do dainty or froufrou, so the name of this palette initially threw me off — until I remembered my art studies: I’m betting that she was inspired by the pigmented pastel crayons artists use when she created the shades of this palette, and not the faded hues one usually associates with the word. Doesn’t it make more sense now that you know this? But getting back to the actual palette …

Who knew that these would apply as saturated as this? The 8 matte shades shades of this palette might pack a punch, but this is colour that leans on the murky side, never neon. With a texture that’s buttery smooth & creamy, you don’t need much in order to see payoff and you can aim for either a watercolour-like effect or major intensity in your application; it all boils down to the type of brush you use and how much product you pick up. Staying power over primer is excellent, lasting crease-free with minimal fading until removed.

  • Star – matte daffodil yellow
  • Clementine – matte peach
  • Meow – matte lilac
  • Dope – matte lavender
  • Doom – matte sky blue
  • Gloom – matte meadow green
  • Dagger – matte stone grey
  • Skull – matte pure white

Petal Lock-it Brightening Powder (CAN $34.00) | Available in 3 shades and described as a ‘weightless, tinted powder to brighten the under eye area’, this powder is indeed all that and as with the Pastel Goth palette, I was once again taken by surprise by the performance of this product. Cruelty free as well as made without any parabens, phthalates, or sulfates, the texture of this powder is gossamer fine and really does feel invisible along the skin. Meant to be used as a setting powder for concealer, I found it to also be useful as a general setting powder for all over use — or more particularly, in areas I tend to get oily (forehead, nose & chin). What surprised me the most, however, is that this shade which is supposedly for fair complexions, works perfectly on my light-medium skin tone, adding a subtle pop of brightness without being obvious/visible, along with evening out the complexion. BONUS: I did not notice any settling into fine lines.

Lock-it Makeup Setting Mist (CAN $33.00) | Used as a finishing touch for your makeup, this spray is meant to set your look and then ‘lock it’ in place for up to 24 hours (not that anyone should ever wear makeup that long, mind you). What makes this version unique is the ultra-fine mist it dispenses which unlike some others, will NOT leave wet & drippy patches on the face, nor will it disturb your carefully applied makeup. This product also bears a light cucumber fragrance that I personally found quite pleasant, but worth noting for those with sensitivities.

It’s only been in recent years that I’ve been actually using a setting spray regularly and I currently have a few in rotation (MAC, Urban Decay, and MAKE UP FOR EVER) so I was curious to see how Lock-it would compare; after some testing, it does indeed appear to keep everything in place, although I did see a very slight oiliness appearing around the 10-hour mark of wear — not a bad performance, in my opinion.


To paraphrase from a famous line, I’m boldly going where I haven’t before with this Pastel Goth Eyeshadow Palette, stepping out of my usual neutral comfort zone — but baby steps. The verdict? I actually liking seeing the way diffused colours makes my eyes stand out plus I can always edge things up with a bit of black smudged at the waterline, if necessary. And while this palette does grab the lion’s share of attention, my favourite product here has turned out to be the Petal Brightening Powder. Surprised? Yeah … me too.

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