Kate Middleton’s “Allure”

When Prince William wed Kate Middleton on April 29th, it was not only the wedding of the century, but a fairytale brought to life.  Viewed by millions around the world, the anticipation leading up the nuptials had some people in a veritable frenzy wondering about the entire look Kate would present…including her nail polish! In the words of Essie founder, Essie Weingarten:

“Essie Cosmetics is so proud to have the royal bride wear Essie on the most important day of her life! The ‘Allure’ shade she wore is the perfect elegant sheer which let her shine through.  With ‘Allure’, every woman can be a part of the royal ceremony”

The lacquer Kate chose, is none other than ‘Allure’, part of Essie’s core line of products…I just had to hunt one done for myself! The following swatches are with Sèche Natural base coat and two coats of lacquer, no top coat.

‘Allure’ is a deceptive polish; seemingly a dusty off-white in the bottle, it has got to be hands down, one of the most elegant natural shades I have tried to date.  For a sheer looking polish, I was pleased (and surprised) to note that the formula was not runny at all, but had enough heft to it that all you need is two coats for perfect coverage and was completely self-levelling.  I love how Essie brushes make it so easy to control the spread and this hue is particularly goof-proof to apply.  Note how full sun (top photo) seems to bring out a slight creamy tinge, but shaded light (bottom photo) lends it a much cooler, look.  The finish? Incredibly glossy…almost mirror-like! Well done, Kate!

Of course, my tribute to the lovely Kate would not be complete without a few pictures of the historic day…enjoy!

The elegantly sublime wedding dress designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen

The second Sarah Burton designed gown that Kate wore at the dinner reception held at Buckingham Palace

Grace Kelly’s wedding dress….and likely inspiration for Kate’s own stunner

The official royal family portrait

Will and Kate leaving Buckingham Palace in Prince Charles’ Aston Martin

Final thoughts:  Ahhh….the transformative powers of one small bottle of nail polish; it strikes to the heart of every girl that the right shade, in this case Essie’s ‘Allure’, can turn anyone into a princess! The crowning accompaniment for a bride’s special day, this is a shade that provides the perfect backdrop – understated, sophisticated, and an unparalleled purity of elegance.  Something tells me that more than one bride this year, will be demanding the same ‘alluring’ appeal that Kate’s choice bestowed on her lovely hands!  Thank God that it’s not a limited shade!

I present to you the newlyweds, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge….May they enjoy a long & amazing life together!

*Disclaimer: Several official wedding photographs courtesy of The London Daily Telegraph

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