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I’m a big fan of moisturizing, be it for my skin, body, nails, as well as hair, so when I was recently invited to try out Fusio-Dose™ from Kérastase® at one of Montréal’s top hair salons (apparently Céline Dion is a client), I totally jumped at the chance.

Loved (and lauded) by stylists & celebrities alike, there are many reasons why luxury haircare brand Kérastase® has earned such a devoted following: these products work. They might be priced on the steep side, but the payoff is strong, healthy, and vibrant hair – I’d say that’s a pretty good deal, wouldn’t you agree?

Originally launched in 2011, Kérastase® Fusio-Dose™ is:

‘The first personalized mix of hairstylist-blended super-concentrated active ingredients for treating the surface of the hair without weighing down the fiber. Four concentrated care formulas are mixed with four powerful active ingredients offering multiple combinations for a custom-designed treatment to instantly and lastingly transform the hair’

For 2015, Kérastase® has reformulated the Fusio-Dose™ range to include 20 tailor-made treatment combinations (versus 16 before) that include:

Four Concentrates:

  • Concentré Pixelist – Intensification of radiance
  • Concentré Oléo-Fusion – Instant nutrion and softness
  • Concentré Vita-Ciment – In-depth reconstruction
  • Concentré Densifique – Immediate densification

Five Boosters:

  • Booster Brilliance – Amino-Shine active ingredient, 45 000 PPM + Zinc Gluconate
  • Booster Densité – Body-enhancing active ingredient, 10 000 PPM
  • Booster Reconstruction – Anti-erosion complex, 20 000 PPM + Resurrection Sap
  • Booster Nutrition – Nutrition complex,  60 000 PPM + Iris Royal
  • Booster Discipline – Smoothing agent, 15 000 PPM + Morpho-Kératine™

The beauty of Fusio-Dose™ treatments, is that not only are they tailored to your hair’s individual needs (a far cry from the one-size-fits-all mentality of conventional haircare treatments), but there’s also no downtime: after washing, the treatment is applied, rinsed out et voilà: you’re done, with the effects lasting easily over a month (more, for those who shampoo less frequently). Doesn’t get sweeter than that.


Opened just over a year ago, Privé par David D’Amours is a salon in the heart of historic Old Montréal and my first surprise was that it’s located at basement level (completely unexpected). The second surprise came upon entering the beautifully lit space, and viewing the stunning decor that while modern, is still in keeping with the ambiance of the neighbourhood, with its concrete floors and exposed stone walls. The club chairs at the washing station are über-comfortable while the adjacent colouring station is expansive and brightly-lit. There’s even a counter/bar area to treat yourself while waiting, along with a seating area that looks like it belongs in a magazine. I absolutely loved the minimalist yet effective layout found at each stylist chair: a floor-to-ceiling mirror flanked on either side by columns of light that also double as hidden storage for all the stylists’ tools and needs, thus avoiding the clutter one usually sees.


The reception desk with its stunning oversized floral display


At the entry, the full Kérastase® lineup





Wash stations


Colouring station


Sitting area


Stylist chair


With my glass of champagne in hand (a custom drink was created for the event, but I never turn down bubbly!), I was given a consultation to determine my hair’s needs and learn which Fusio-Dose™ treatment would be best for me. Blessed with good hair genes (thank you, parents) and coupled with the fact that I totally baby my locks, it was decided that we would improve my mane’s overall condition via the Reconstruction booster, to add even more strength and protection against the colouring process.




My stylist for the evening, a charming Venetian-born gentleman named Dennis (yes, Dennis from Venice – and is it just me, or does he also bear a strong resemblance to Gerard Butler?), then led me to his chair and after a few quick questions, he then got to work. I wanted ‘Sexy Hair‘, something with waves and body and so totally a look I never do, mainly because I can’t. After blowing out my tresses using a combination of his fingers and a round brush and then strategically using both curling & flat irons, Sexy Hair, is exactly what he gave me – so much so, that I may have gone overboard with the photos.






Privé colour 8



Privé colour 16



Thank you, Dennis 



Flanked by my stylist Dennis & owner David D’Amours

Therapiste collection

My recommended Kérastase® range that I was sent home with


Another surprise that evening, was meeting Chinese-born illustrator Ben Liu and having my personalized illustration created by this talented artist (which I am SO framing).


Oh….haii, Alexa from www.stealing-beauty.com




Thank you to everyone involved for such a wonderful event!

Salon Privé par David D’Amours, 360 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest Suite 601, Montréal, Québec 514.303.4777



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