Lancôme · L’Absolu Rouge Ruby Cream Lipstick

Lancôme recently launched L’Absolu Rouge Ruby Cream Lipstick, and I received 4 shades to test out (there are 6 available at Sephora, more on Lancôme’s site). The name “ruby” threw me at first, as I was expecting them to be variations of red, but in reality this range is actually inspired by the gemstone of the same name — which also happens to be my birthstone (July baby). Regardless, I’ve yet to see a more exquisite lipstick bullet and I’m betting neither have you.

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L’Absolu Rouge Ruby Cream Lipstick (CAN $46.00/each) | As I always say, it’s all in the details, and that begins here with the graphic design on the outer casing. Another unique feature of these lipsticks is how they open, and that’s by pressing down on the iconic Lancôme rose embossed on the top, enabling the case to then pop down. Drawing inspiration from the faceted cuts on a ruby, the lipstick bullet has a crystal design that apart from looking like a work of art, also serves a useful purpose: the “facets” ensure you always have an edge to use for a precise application. Richly pigmented, these lipsticks have been created to give one-stroke full coverage, with a texture that is ultra creamy and dense, yet still surprisingly lightweight in feel. Coming to a lush shine at the finish, staying power is excellent — especially for a product that’s this emollient — with the deeper shades leaving a light stain behind.

  • 204 Ruby Passion – nude rose ruby
  • 03 Kiss Me Ruby – dusty rose red ruby
  • 02 Ruby Queen – warm brick red ruby
  • 481 Pigeon Blood Ruby – burgundy red ruby

There have been many lipstick innovations in recent years, but that’s mostly with regards to formulation. That being said, the performance and texture of these L’Absolu Rouge Ruby Cream Lipsticks is pretty stellar, but I’m also equally enthralled with the beautiful detailing of the lipstick bullet — now THAT’s something no one else has thought of, and if there’s one thing I really appreciate, it’s originality. Not an easy task to accomplish in this vast beauty world, so well done Lancôme #slowclap

Available at Sephora and

Kindly provided by Lancôme for my unbiased consideration

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  1. Nvie says:

    Love the packaging and colours on you. Happy to be updated of what’s new in the market but still in abstention mode, need to finish up my lipstick stash first. LOL.

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