Lancome Rose Ballerine Highlighter Blush (LE), French Ballerine Spring 2014 Collection

Lancome Rose Ballerine opener


The French Ballerine Spring 2014 launch by Lancôme is feminine and pretty to the core, with the centerpiece of this collection undoubtedly the Rose Ballerine Highlighter Blush … from the detailed rose on the palette’s surface, to the hot pink bow on the compact’s cover, this is a product that will have you wanting to whip it out in public, if only to see the covetous looks it garners.

Before I get to the review, you should take note that this is a limited edition item. Fair warning …


The Pink Dancers, Before the Ballet – Edgar Degas, 1884 (source)

Lancome Rose Ballerine compact

Lancôme – Rose Ballerine Highlighter Blush

Lancome Rose Ballerine bow

Lancôme – Rose Ballerine Highlighter Blush, bow detail

Lancome Rose Ballerine label

Lancôme – Rose Ballerine Highlighter Blush

Lancome Rose Ballerine

Rose Ballerine Highlighter Blush, limited edition (CAN $52.00) – This is a finely milled and cool leaning ‘ballet slipper’ pink hue, with an ultra fine silvery shimmer. While the consistency is on the sheer side, it can be built up slightly to show more colour – fairer skin types will absolutely love the rosy glow of this blush, although I suspect it will come off as more on the highlighter side for darker skin tones. Lasting power was quite decent as well, going easily to the 9-hour mark, although the colour faded before the sheen did.

Pink blushes can be quite difficult for me to pull off, as they often clash with the yellow undertones in my skin, but there seems to be enough warmth in this shade that actually works on me – in that glowy-flushed-skin kind of way. That being said, it is quite sheer and required several passes with my brush to show up, but I don’t mind the extra effort, as this shade is not only very complimentary, but blends so seamlessly and easily along the skin. The shimmer is visible when light catches it, with the ultra-fine texture helping it to meld with the skin and not stand out. I actually prefer using Rose Ballerine more as a luminous booster over a more matte blush, as it serves to add depth and bring light to the skin, which makes this a very versatile product indeed. With the beautifully crafted rose on this palette’s surface, I found the bow on the exterior to be almost superfluous, but then again – I’m not all that fond of bows to begin with. But it is cute, I’ll give it that.

Lancome Rose Ballerine shadow

Lancôme – Rose Ballerine Highlighter Blush … and a bonus rose shadow on the palette!

Lancome Rose Ballerine side

Lancôme – Rose Ballerine Highlighter Blush, raised detail

Lancome Rose Ballerine flash

Lancôme – Rose Ballerine Highlighter Blush (with flash)

Lancome Rose Ballerine swatch

Lancôme – Rose Ballerine Highlighter Blush (swatched heavily on the left, blended out at right)

Lancome Rose Ballerine vs NARS Gaiety

I could have sworn that Rose Ballerine would be quite close to NARS’ Gaiety, but the swatches show how different they are, with Gaiety being more matte and pulling lavender (and bluer based) against my skin.

Lancome Rose Ballerine vs NARS Gaiety swatches

NARS Gaiety blush (left), Lancôme Rose Ballerine Highlighter Blush (middle & right)


This is definitely the year of pinks and nudes and all that is vibrantly pretty – and it seems that every single brand is on the same page with their collections; the French Ballerine Spring 2014 Collection from Lancôme oozes prettiness, but in a totally wearable (read: modern) way, as this gorgeous Rose Ballerine Highlighter Blush proves, and let’s face it; there’s something about the ballet (pointe shoes, tutus, pulled-back ballerina hair, and always, the effortless elegance) that is almost … magical.

Available as of February wherever Lancôme products are sold, this is a limited edition item – and sure to sell out FAST.

Find more information via:

Lancome Rose Ballerine closer

*Disclosure: Product sample provided by the company/PR for my unbiased consideration

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17 Responses to Lancome Rose Ballerine Highlighter Blush (LE), French Ballerine Spring 2014 Collection

  1. Just scored one in the sale! Looks gorgeous 🙂

  2. Ooooo …. So pretty !!!!

  3. it’s my current favorite blush, so innocent and sweet

  4. Dovey says:

    Hi Eugenia,

    What an amazing shade—- and such a pretty design for a pan. One can never have too much rose 🙂

  5. Barb says:

    so dang cute but I think I’ll save my $$ for the new hourglass blushes!!

  6. The packaging is adorable and i think it’s a lovely colour – why do all nice products have to be so expensive!! xx

    • Eugenia says:

      High-end products are more expensive for a variety of reasons, primarily the packaging is more detailed and the ingredients/formulations are top rate & unadulterated. Then there’s the tons of money they pump into R&D (research & development), as well as the marketing campaigns …. all adds up, I’m afraid! But in general, you do get your money’s worth!

  7. Latoya says:

    I’m not enticed by this at all (except for the cute packaging!!) but I LOVE that this is affordable at $52…if one was looking to get a beautiful shimmering pink blush/highlighter, this wouldn’t crush their soul to buy it (as some other highlighters are more around the $70-80+ mark :S). So for that reason alone, I give it props!

    • Eugenia says:

      Here’s the thing; I actually prefer the design on the blush itself, as opposed to the packaging – different strokes, and all that! But you’re right; it is priced within reach, although anyone wanting to use this as strictly a highlighter, should be aware that there is still some colour. ALl depends on what one is looking for, I guess!

  8. Snail Polish says:

    It’s really pretty, but I found it just too in-between a blush and a highlighter for my skintone when I swatched.

    NARS Gaiety, on the other hand, is a planned purchase for this weekend by strange coincidence!

    • Eugenia says:

      It is quite sheer, especially if you’re looking more for a blush but some people might like the fact that it’s basically a 2 in 1 kind of product. Enjoy Gaiety when you pick it up!

  9. OMG so beautiful!!! I don’t think we’re getting it here though. So sad 🙁

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