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I am an absolute fanatic about moisturizing; be it my face, body, hands, nails and/or hair and while I rely on a small army of products for said hydration, one brand that is a staple in my vanity, is L’Occitane en Provence. Their almond and shea butter ranges have reached cult-fave status with users for a reason: they are amazing … and smell even more so. I was therefore super thrilled to learn that the brand has just added two new additions to their lineup, Shea Butter Foaming Cleanser and Shea Butter Intensive Hand Balm, both of which have pretty much revived my Winter-parched skin. Insert mega sigh of relief here …



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Shea Butter Foaming Cleanser (CAN $28.00/125 ml) | Used for centuries by women in sub-Sahara Africa to protect their skin & hair, shea butter is one of the most incredibly nourishing and beneficial ingredients found in nature. Bearing 5% of this star ingredient in the formula, this is a gentle cleanser that will not only remove impurities from the skin, but leaving it feeling soft and hydrated — and no tight feeling at all, thank you. Perfect for all skin types even sensitive, it dispenses as a cream but foams up with a bit of water when massaged into the skin, yet is easily removed with a few splashings. PS: smells yummy!

Shea Butter Intensive Hand Balm (CAN $40.00/150 ml) | The latest hand cream to join the lineup, this is exactly as the name implies: intense. Made with 25% shea butter in the formula, this is the heaviest version yet and while there is an initial greasy feel once applied, it will eventually become absorbed and leave your skin feeling 100% hydrated for hours. After the Winter we’ve had, I swear that this cream rescued my [almost] desiccated hands & heels and I now tend to apply some to both areas (as well as elbows) nightly to maintain that supple-skin feel. Bonus: as this is incredibly rich, a little really does go a long, long way so this one tube will last you quite some time (unless you start slapping it on everywhere, in which case you better stock up).

Almond Delicious Hands (CAN $12.00/30 ml) | I actually am NEVER without a tube (or 2 … maybe even 3) of this brand’s travel-sized hand cream in my purse/makeup bag and my favourite of all the versions available is ‘hands down’ the Almond Delicious Hands. For starters, it smells divine but it’s the formula that truly makes it a standout: rich enough to provide immediate hydration yet thin enough to not leave a greasy after-feel. A true cult-fave, that’s for sure.

Almond Milk Concentrate (CAN $59.00/200 ml) | Another product from this brand that I’ve gone through multiples of, is this yummy body cream. Again, there’s that heavenly almond fragrance to match the luxurious sensorial feel of this cream upon the skin, both factors which make it as soothing to smell as to apply. My only complaint is with the fact that it’s a jar, meaning you have to dip fingers in and I’m not a fan of getting creams under my nails, while the actual proportions of the jar also mean it’s difficult getting to the little bits in the corners once you reach the end (and I literally scrape EVERYTHING out), but even at that it’s not enough to make it a deal-breaker for me because it’s honestly THAT good.


Anyone else obsessed with these L’Occitane faves? Better still, let me know which other products from this brand you can’t be without or even recommend for me to check out — I’d really love to know! By the way, any one of these (or all) would make an excellent ‘pampering’ Mother’s Day gift, trust me.

Available at Sephora, L’Occitane Boutiques & online



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  1. This is the only brand of skin care I use. Love the shower gels, shampoo and conditioner, bath oil, body oil , lotions and creams .. !!!

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