L’Oréal Paris · Infallible Total Cover Foundation, Concealer/Corrector Kits & Beauty Sponge


L’Oréal Paris recently added to the Infallible range with the launch of several new face products, including Total Cover Foundation, Total Cover Concealing and Contouring Kit, Total Cover Professional Colour Correcting Kit and 3 new Blend Artist beauty sponges. I was kindly sent all 12 shades of the foundation to try and while I personally prefer light to medium coverage, I was curious to see how these would compare to one of my faves, the Pro-Matte version.


As far as contouring, concealing, and colour correcting go, I tend to keep things to a minimum but when I do indulge, cream products are what I prefer so once again, L’Oréal piqued my interest with these kits. Finally, makeup sponges have by now become an indispensable beauty tool for most of us, and I love how these are both well-crafted and affordable alternatives to some of their pricier counterparts (Beauty Blender, I’m looking at YOU).

For convenience, I’ve split up the foundations into 2 groups; the 6 lighter and the 6 darker shades.

A lightweight yet full coverage formula that glides easily along the skin, has a weightless feel throughout the wearing and is never sticky or heavy. You can apply this foundation a number of ways (fingers & a brush yield a heavier coverage) but using a dampened beauty sponge gives the most flawless and seamless finish.

There are 6 hues to suit a range of fair to light-medium skin tones, bearing a combination of either rose, yellow or neutral beige undertones.

  • 301 Classic Ivory – the lightest of them all, pink undertone
  • 302 Creamy Natural – fair & with neutral undertones
  • 303 Nude Beige – slightly yellower undertone
  • 304 Natural Buff – rose beige undertone
  • 305 Natural Beige – neutral/golden undertone (my preferred shade + match)
  • 306 Buff Beige – the deepest of the six, rose undertone

There are 6 hues suitable for medium to deep skin tones (although I don’t think those with ebony complexions will find a suitable match), bearing a good a variety of undertones as well.

  • 307 Sand Beige – the lightest of the 6, neutral undertone
  • 308 Sun Beige – combo beige/rose undertone
  • 309 Caramel Beige – yellow undertone
  • 310 Classic Tan – yellow beige undertone
  • 311 Creme Café – neutral beige/rose undertone
  • 312 Cocoa – deepest of the 6 with yellow/rose undertones


Infallible Total Cover Concealing & Contouring Kit (CAN $19.99) | The kit also includes a small square black sponge that is easy to use in a pinch, but I find that fingers, a beauty sponge, and/or a brush do a much better job. The four crème neutral shades of this kit can be used individually or mixed and matched for a more personalized colour, and perform triple duty by either:

  • working as concealer
  • helping to mask flaws/tattoos/markings
  • act as contour

Infallible Total Cover Professional Colour Correcting Kit (CAN $19.99) | The four crème shades of this kit are designed to help with a variety of issues:

  • peach – covers blue-hued undereye circles, bruised skin, hyperpigmentation
  • yellow – covers purple-hued undereye circles, uneven skin tone, mild redness
  • green – covers sun burn, rosacea, intense redness and breakouts
  • purple – brightens yellow dull skin, combats a sallow undertone

Blend Artist by Infallible Foundation Blender (CAN $13.99) | One of three sponges created to be used for these products (the others are a yellow diamond-shaped contour blender and a green ovoid-shaped concealer blender), this is a deep pink foundation blender sponge, created to work in tandem with the Total Cover foundation (or your preferred product, for that matter). I have no information regarding the material used so I can’t say whether it’s latex-free or not. The texture is actually denser than that of Beauty Blender sponges, but still quite soft and pliable and really does provide skin with a flawless finish. As with other beauty sponges, this too doubles in size when dampened.


So here’s the skinny; as someone who prefers foundation to be on the light to medium coverage side, I actually like how Total Cover both looks and feels upon the skin — especially when applied as a thin layer using a dampened sponge. It really does meet the claims of not feeling heavy, while still providing full coverage. I did notice a bit of product ‘creasing’ around the nostrils around the 8-hour mark, but not enough to be a deal breaker. Both the Concealer and Correcting kits are very easy to use and the fact that they provide a good amount of colour options in one compact, makes them quite usable as well as affordable. Oh yeah … the shades on both blend well too, so that’s a welcome plus. I’m also impressed with the Blend Artist (such a grand name) sponge and the seamless way it helps product apply (I also tried it with both kits, and it works beautifully there too) — we’ll see how it fares in the long run, but at such an excellent price point and which can probably also be score on sale, I think it’s a great investment. Nicely done, L’Oréal Paris.

Available now online and at mass market retailers & drugstores across Canada


Media samples kindly provided, all opinions my own

What are your thoughts, beautiful?