L’Oréal Paris – Gold Dust Nail Color

L'Oreal Gold Dust opener


The L’Oréal Paris Gold Dust Collection (CAN $6.99 each), is comprised of 9 sparkling textured glitter lacquers – 5 of which I’m showing here today. What sets these apart from other textured polishes, is the incredibly complex & multi-dimensional brilliance they give off, as well as the surface feel which is almost suede-like and not chunky-glitter rough. I’ve mentioned often enough what a ‘colour purist’ I am when it comes to my nails, but wearing textured polish (like these) gives me that extra shot of sizzle when I want something more. Like Haute Couture nails, if you will.

As these lacquers are not meant to be worn with top coat, that’s how I’m showing them (my personal preference), although that option is always available – just be prepared to add several layers to get a smooth finish. I also noticed that upon removal, there’s a fine shimmer that can spread along the skin – nothing that an extra pass with remover can’t take care of, however.

L'Oreal Gold Dust Collection

L’Oréal Paris – Gold Dust Nail Color


#140 Diamond in the Rough – amethyst sparkle with amazing coverage even at the first coat. Tone on tone (the shimmer and larger hex glitter pieces are the same colour as the base hue), the formula has a medium-thick flow but very easy to work with. Coming to a soft textured finish (think: finest grit sandpaper), this shade displays a rich brilliance. Coats applied: 2

L'Oreal Diamond in the Rough swatch

L’Oréal Paris – Diamond in the Rough


#142 Pop the Bubbles – aqua sparkle in the same format (tone on tone) and application as the previous shade. I experienced some flooding of this polish at the cuticles, although I suspect that might have been due to the wonky brush (it happens), because other than that, the formula was fine. Coats applied: 2

L'Oreal Pop the Bubbles swatch

L’Oréal Paris – Pop the Bubbles


#136 Too Dimensional? – violet base hue with both tone on tone shimmer and larger hex glitter pieces, as well as oxidized gold crushed shimmer added to the mix. The formula, while slightly more sheer than the previous two, is simple to work with, becoming completely opaque by the second coat. There’s a hint of a duo-chrome quality to this shade which makes the overall appearance so complex – LOVE! Coats applied: 2

L'Oreal Too Dimensional swatch

L’Oréal Paris – Too Dimensional?


#141 Hidden Gems – a dark grey base hue with teal shimmer and silver large hex glitter pieces. The formula appears mid-sheer at initial application, but becomes magically opaque by the second coat and winds up in a moody, brilliant & utterly luxurious finish. Bonus: non-staining upon removal. On a side note, this was the shade I wore to usher in the New Year! Coats applied: 2

L'Oreal Hidden Gems swatch

L’Oréal Paris – HIdden Gems


#139 Rough Around the Edges – charcoal base hue filled with crushed diamond-like shimmer, in a semi-sheer formula that also has a jelly-like quality to it. Becoming totally opaque by the second coat, the finish appears to display a touch more glossiness than any of the others. A great alternative to wearing straight-up black, I was curious to see this matte (see second swatch); it looks like granite this way & very original. Coats applied: 2

L'Oreal Rough Around the Edges swatch

L’Oréal Paris – Rough Around the Edges

L'Oreal Rough Around the Edges swatch matte

L’Oréal Paris – Rough Around the Edges, mattified


If I had to choose favourites, I’d have to say it’s a toss-up between Too Dimensional? and Hidden Gems, with Rough Around the Edges a close third – but that’s based on personal colour preferences, and has nothing to do with the actual application/formula, as they’re all pretty amazing.

The L’Oréal Paris Gold Dust Nail Color Collection is available now. Find more information via:

L'Oreal Gold Dust closer

*Disclosure: Product samples provided by the company/PR for my unbiased consideration

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  1. Oooh Two Dimensional is smokin hot! I might have to pick that one up, great swatches Eugenia!

  2. tashasface says:

    Too Dimensional and Hidden Gems are stunning! Great, more nail polish to add to the list!

  3. These look amazing! I wish they would make an appearance in Europe, but I find that doubtful.

  4. Linda says:

    These are all really pretty. I’ll be looking for these! I noticed L’Oreal has another new line of polish advertised to be a ‘gel-like’ look and wear, with their specific base and top coat. I like to see these big companies working to improve formulas and still make them wallet-friendly!!

  5. They look amazing but I think that I’m still partial to the glossy smooth finish. Might pick up one or two to play with. Thanks for the gorgeous swatches as usual, Eugenia!

  6. Too dimensional really is absolutely amazing! I love me some blue and gold!

  7. Great Swatches, these are nice shades. Haven’t come across these anywhere though.

  8. These are really pretty and sophisticated! My favorite is Too Dimensional – I love the gold in it!

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