Louboutin · Goldomania Collection Holiday 2018

For Holiday 2018, Louboutin Beauty has launched Goldomania, a capsule collection comprised of four pieces that aim to gild your face & nails in absolute festive luxury. Gives a whole new meaning to “the Midas touch” …

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Louboutin Goldomania Collection for Holiday 2018

The Collection comes housed in gorgeous gold 3D-inspired packaging design, as seen above but note that since everything I received is a press sample, the products arrived without the outer boxes — although I still wanted to show you what you’d get.

Goldomania Metallic Eye Colour, limited edition (CAN $65.00) | Bearing the brand’s iconic ‘stiletto’ profile, this is a cream eye shadow in the new Tape À L’Oeil format (review on the other shades in the permanent lineup coming soon) in a highly reflective gold finish. The formula is a unique fusion of water and metallic pigments which combine to create a brilliant mirror-like finish. The texture feels initially cooling upon application, and lays down smoothly, feeling featherlight throughout wear. The applicator is a short and dense bristled brush which helps in not only picking up an adequate amount of product per swipe, but makes spreading across the eyelid quite easy as well. Buildable for even more impact, you can also blend it out to diffuse the colour — although I strongly suggest working one eye at a time to avoid the product setting before you’re done. Long-lasting and relatively creaseproof, I do suggest that those with oily lids go in with primer first, just to ensure everything stays in place.

Goldomania Lash Amplifying Lacquer, limited edition (CAN $90.00) | Housed in a heavy brass ribbed casing embellished with a lotus-flower motif on the cap, this is a gold mascara that can definitely be worn solo along lashes for more of an editorial look, but it can also be used to stunning effect when applied as a topper over black mascara. The brush is fairly large and contains both horizontal and vertical bristles of varying lengths, making it easy to manoeuvre along both top & bottom lashes, effectively grabbing and separating each lash before depositing colour. Smudge and flake-proof, the product nevertheless removes easily at the end of wear using a dual-phased remover. TIP: this can also be lightly applied to brows for a unique festive touch of golden sparkle.

By the way, as much as it pains me to say it because of the cost involved, Louboutin’s black mascara clocks in as one of my all-time faves, delivering volume, length, curl and intense colour without ever showing flakes or smudges. You will NOT find anything like it out there, and in my opinion, it’s definitely worth every penny (dammit).

Goldomania Loubilaque Lip Lacquer, limited edition (CAN $115.00) | Housed in an exquisite mermaid-esque acrylic case with a luxurious crowned cap (note that it also comes with a ribbon that loops through the ring on top of the cap), this is a mid-sheer clear gloss that’s loaded with smooth-laying golden shimmer. The flocked applicator picks up a good amount of product per swipe, enabling you to fully cover lips with one pass, while its non-sticky nature gives it more longevity than other shades in the genre. The formula is also unique, combining beautiful sparkling golden powder with pearlescent pigments to create a stunning effect upon lips. This can also be layered over lipstick or liner for added staying power, although I personally love the look on its own. Once the majority of gloss has gone, you’re still left with a good amount of shimmer behind which provides lips with a light hit of colour from the shimmer.

Goldomania Nail Colour, limited edition (CAN $65.00) | Undeniably one of the most display-worthy nail polish bottle shapes, this lacquer will be the crowning touch to your holiday mani — although my feeling is that this shade can take you well beyond the season. The clear base is brimming with golden flakes and fine shimmer, and can be used on its own for a light touch of sparkle, or layered over any other shade for an extra pop of brilliance. The density and flow are both excellent and you’re able to pick up a good amount of glitter per brush stroke. That said, one swipe applied the usual way will probably yield a subtle effect; to dial things up, I suggest adding a small ‘blob’ of product to the middle of the nail, and then using the unique triangle-shaped brush to lightly disperse it according to your desired level of opacity. Coming to a truly mirror-like brilliance, note that you’ll still need a bit of elbow-grease for removal (it is glitter, after all). Please note that I wasn’t able to receive the actual bottle in time for my review, although I did receive a sample size (which for obvious reasons I couldn’t include in my photos, hence the stock photo above).

The swatches below are shown in both artificial and natural lighting, using 2 coats of Goldomania Nail Colour applied over a base of Essie’s Ballet Slippers, no top coat.

From the master of luxury, I expected nothing less than over-the-top extravagance for a holiday offering and Louboutin certainly does not disappoint with Goldomania. Eschewing a more traditional theme, this collection focuses on eyes, lips and nails — and you don’t even miss having a highlighter included (which would most like have been severe overkill in this case). Pricey? Absolutely but with Christmas just 2 weeks away, now would be the best time to add a piece (or 4) to your list #hinthint

Available at Holt Renfrew, Ogilvy

Kindly provided by Louboutin Beauty for my unbiased consideration

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