Louboutin · LoubiGraffiti Spring 2019

Inspired by the extravagant looks of Maison Louboutin’s LoubiGraf shoes & bags, the limited edition LoubiGraffiti Collection celebrates beauty in the most sun-drenched & colour-saturated way. And if the display-worthy packaging doesn’t grab you (although why wouldn’t it?), then wait until you get a closer look at the products …

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A few weeks ago I attended the launch of the new Beauty Hall at Holt Renfrew Ogilvy here in Montréal (seriously, it’s such a gorgeous space and well worth visiting), and came upon the full LoubiGraffiti Collection in what can be best described as the Christian Louboutin heaven corner — obviously, I couldn’t’ resist snapping a few shots of the gorgeous display.

The spirit of this collection is all about “boundless creative freedom“, something that’s perfectly exemplified by graffiti artwork and which constantly amazes me by the detail and creativity of this street style art form. Comprised of 5 vibrant Velvet Matte Lip Color and 6 vivid Nail Color hues, the goal is to mix & match and let the colours speak for themselves, spicing up both lips and nails, as it were.

These fiery colours, am I right? The packaging alone is totally eye-catching, and very much beauty art.

Velvet Matte Lip Colour (CAN $90.00/each) | Nestled inside the red flocked interior, is the equivalent of beauty treasure; that may be a stretch, but still. You know I’m right. The hefty brushed brass packaging of the lipstick bears an intricately worked “crown” cap adorned with a band of “studs”, an iconic symbol of the brand. It also includes a silk ribbon for you to wear the lipstick as jewelry, if desired — a unique touch, but not exactly practical. That said, I’ve actually used the ribbon wrapped around my wrist as a bracelet and absolutely love the look.

The texture of these lipsticks is buttery smooth with pigment saturation off the charts, providing full coverage by a single swipe. The “velvetized” look of the lipstick bullet designates its finish: not fully matte, but more velvet-like in both feel and finish, with a slight sheen for depth. As to staying power, we’re talking major and while reapplication will be needed at some point due to some emollience in the formula, does it matter? You’ll WANT to whip one of these out in public, I can assure you. Both shades fade to a light stain, long after most of the colour has gone.

  • Altressa – vivid raspberry red, cool leaning
  • Diva – true red, both warm & cool undertones

Batignolles Nail Colour (CAN $50.00) | I have been a fan of this brand’s nail polish formula from the start, and while you’d think that would be enough, there’s also the aesthetics to consider; I dare you to find a more luxurious and yes, display-worthy bottle. Go on; I’ll wait. The collection includes 6 colour-drenched hues, but the one that speaks to me the most is this beachy shade — must be because I’m a Cancerian and anything aquatic definitely has my number.

I know that it’s the product itself that counts the most, but this packaging is spectacular, no?

Housed in a faceted bottle (the better to showcase the colour, naturally), each comes with a tapered cap that is not only emblematic of the brand’s iconic stilettos, but inspired by calligraphy pens as well. While longer than traditional caps, it is surprisingly easy to use; the base of the cap is weighted with an excellent balance, enabling you to hold it comfortably. The brush is short and dense, with bristles that have a good splay, hugging the nail bed effortlessly during application. This intense turquoise hue is a full-on crème and lays down in a totally self-levelling way, basically opaque from the first layer and coming to an über-glossy finish. Note that it’s also non-Staining upon removal, provided base coat is worn underneath.

Shown: 2 coats, no top coat

The very name Louboutin has become synonymous with absolute luxury, and that definitely extends to the beauty range as well. With the same attention to exquisite detail as the brand’s shoes/bags, these products are definitely an indulgence, but what you get in return is nothing short of art. The fact that these pieces have a stellar performance as well is just the icing on the cake. So go ahead: spoil yourself, because as the saying goes, you’re worth it.

Available at Holt Renfrew Ogilvy, Canada

Kindly provided by Louboutin for my unbiased consideration

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