Louboutin Beauté · Rouge Louboutin Mascara & Loubibelle Lip Beauty Oil


Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Louboutin Beauté is adding to their lineup with the introduction of Rouge Louboutin Lash Amplifying Lacquer in the brand’s signature red hue, along with Loubibelle Lip Beauty Oil, a new hybrid balm/gloss product in the same iconic red tint — but a billion times easier to wear and super comfy at that.



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Loubibelle Lip Beauty Oil (CAN $90.00) | As with everything made by Christian Louboutin, the focus is not only on the product but the packaging as well. Housed in a crystal clear tube with a mermaid pattern and black-to-red ombré effect, the cap bears an ornate Art Deco-inspired motif and comes with a soft-flocked spade shaped applicator attached. The jojoba-based formula provides continual moisture and hydration to lips, while the signature Louboutin red colour is toned down by way of a formula that feels like the world’s most luxurious balm. With a fragrance that’s a cross between rose & classic lipstick, the texture is buttery and not oily as the name might imply; more along the lines of slippery but with staying power, if that makes sense. The best part is that this shade is pretty much goof-proof to apply and does an excellent job of keeping lips feeling nourished throughout the wearing and even after the gloss has faded, all while giving a subtle pop of colour. Can also be layered over lipstick for extra depth and a super-slick shine.



Rouge Louboutin Lash Amplifying Lacquer (CAN $90.0) | Housed in a hefty brass tube with a ribbed base and stylized Art Deco-inspired cap, the brush leans on the large side, albeit still very easy to manipulate (those with smaller or close set eyes might find it a touch tricky, but most likely still manageable), comprised of both vertical and horizontal bristles with tiny bristles at the tip that do an amazing job of reaching smaller/finer lashes. The formula is UNBELIEVABLE and apapplies effortlessly, providing volume, length and curl-staying power without ever showing any signs of wear & tear, along with lasting true until removed — a task that’s easily accomplished with a dual-phase remover. Now you’re probably thinking that red is not exactly an easy mascara shade to wear, am I right? But even with a hue as vivid as this, it can still be made to work with ease. In the swatch below, I’m wearing it full-ON to showcase the colour — a true Louboutin red and not some watered down version, and which really makes my green eyes stand out. But it can also be layered along the tips over black, creating more of an ombré effect, or worn solo along the bottom lash line for a unique look. Any way you choose to wear this, I can guarantee that you’ll be receiving plenty of positive comments.

As a self-professed mascara aficionado, I have tried more options than I can possibly list and have developed some non-negotiable criteria: I want volume, length, a product that won’t smear, flake, or otherwise disappear, and that is easy to remove. As my lashes have (and keep) a pretty decent natural curl, that’s not something I necessarily look for in my mascara — but always nice to have just the same. I’m even not shy of any clumping, as I find it can give sparse lashes or even those with gaps in their lash line, an extra bit of boost. That said, my tube of this brand’s black version became my Holy Grail mascara since I first tried it out and I had high hopes for this red one — which I’m happy to say totally does not disappoint and is a welcome addition to my “mascara wardrobe”.



Make no mistake about it; these are luxury beauty items and come with a luxury price point — but that’s not surprising, considering it’s Louboutin. But are they worth it? If packaging that resembles works of art and incredible formulas are your thing, then the short answer is: YES. As well, sporting a red lip can be a major commitment, so extra points scored to the Loubibelle for being a totally wearable red AND providing hydrating comfort to lips. As to the mascara, I am a huge fan of red lashes and this is the ultimate statement maker for eyes. And remember: if your significant other is looking to get you that perfect Valentine’s Day gift (or gifts), you might want to drop some hints …

Available February 7th


Kindly provided by the Louboutin Beauté team for my unbiased consideration

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