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The next generation of Mineralize products from MAC is here; introducing Future MAC, a collection created with hyper-luminous pigments and inspired by the five elements. With textures that go on incredibly smooth and never chalky, now is the best time for you to discover this mineral based range of products – then prepare to be impressed, much like I was.


MAC Future Collection group macro

MAC | Future MAC Collection

MAC Future MAC

MAC | Future MAC Collection

MAC Future Collection packaging

MAC | Future MAC Collection


MAC Future Collection lip trio

MAC | Future MAC Collection – Cybernaut, Anti-Reality & Telegenius

MAC Future Collection lip trio swatches

MAC | Future MAC Collection – Cybernaut, Anti-Reality & Telegenius swatches

MAC Cybernaut Lipstick

Cybernaut Mineralize Rich Lipstick (CAN $28.00) | A neutral pink hue that has a good mix of both cool and warm tints, making it universally wearable by most complexions (may appear a little ashy on those with darker skin skin tones). The texture is incredibly lightweight in feel and glides smoothly along the lips. Any initial settling seen in lip lines quickly evens itself out. Wear time is 3 hours (not including drinking and/or eating), about what you’d expect with a shade this light, but it does leave lips feeling well nourished even after all colour has faded.

MAC Cybernaut macro & swatch

MAC | Cybernaut Mineralize Rich Lipstick swatch

MAC Anti-Reality gloss

Anti-Reality Mineralize Glass (CAN $28.00) | A relatively transparent white hue filled with smooth pearly reflects. Can be worn solo to add a subtle sparkle to lips, or layered over lipstick for extra dimension.

MAC Anti-Reality macro & swatch

MAC | Anti-Reality Mineralize Glass swatch

MAC Telegenius gloss

Telegenius Mineralize Glass (CAN $28.00) | A semi transparent soft peachy/pink hue with smooth pearl reflects. Gives lips a touch more colour than Anti-Reality but still stays far from looking opaque. Beautiful on its own for a subtle hint of colour, or layered over lipstick for added depth and shine.

MAC Telegenius macro & swatch

MAC | Telegenius Mineralize Glass swatch

MAC Cybernaut + Anti-Reality & Telegenius swatches

MAC | Cybernaut Mineralize Rich Lipstick with Anti-Reality & Telegenius swatches

MAC Nano-Nude

Nano-Nude Mineralize Eye Shadow x 4 (CAN $55.00) | A quartet of neutral-leaning eyeshadow shades in a baked formula of refined minerals, providing pigmented and ultra-smooth coverage. Surprisingly, each shade displays a high level of colour saturation, something I did not expect with shades this light – but which I’m really happy about.

A breakdown of the shades, as shown in the macro shot below (clockwise from the top left):

  • gold with pearl – warm gold with a metallic finish, opaque at 1 swipe
  • soft caramel – taupe/mink brown beige, matte
  • warm beige – mauve/pink beige, matte
  • neutral beige – soft being with pink undertone, matte

MAC Nano-Nude macro

MAC | Nano-Nude Mineralize Eye Shadow x 4

MAC Nano-Nude swatches

MAC | Nano-Nude Mineralize Eye Shadow x 4 swatches

MAC Cosmic Force

Cosmic Force Mineralize Blush (CAN $32.00) | Described as a ‘dirty nude’, this is a subtle neutral blush hue with a taupe/brown undertone, and absolutely gorgeous along the skin. The texture is quite finely milled with a lightweight feel and can be effortlessly applied as a sheer wash of colour or built up for more intensity. Bonus: this can also be worn as a transition shade at the eye crease, or even used as a contouring product – especially effective for those with fair complexions.

MAC Cosmic Force macro

MAC | Cosmic Force Mineralize Blush

MAC Cosmic Force swatches

MAC | Cosmic Force Mineralize Blush swatches

MAC Warm RoseSkinfinish

Warm Rose Mineralize Skinfinish (CAN $37.00) | A soft pastel pink hue with subtle pink reflects to add brightness to the skin, this incredibly fine-milled powder is made with a 77-Mineral Complex to add highlights to the face and/or body. I initially assumed the fair tone of this powder would clash against my light-medium skin, but it blends in so well and once merged with my skin’s warmth and natural oils, serves to add a lovely radiance instead. Bonus: will not oxidize with wear time

MAC Warm Rose Skinfinish macro 2

MAC | Warm Rose Mineralize Skinfinish

MAC Warm Rose Skinfinish macro

MAC | Warm Rose Mineralize Skinfinish

MAC Warm Rose Skinfinish swatches

MAC | Warm Rose Mineralize Skinfinish swatches

MAC Sweet Potion

Sweet Potion Studio Nail Lacquer (CAN $15.00) | An absolutely stellar nude crème hue that combines both cool and warm tones in the base, thus making it quite universally wearable. Self-levelling and incredibly glossy at the finish, perfect opacity is easily reached by the second coat, without any hints of patchiness whatsoever. TIP: an amazing shade to wear for those with shorter nails, as it can serve to seemingly  ‘elongate’ the fingers.

Coats: 2, plus top coat

MAC Sweet Potion swatch 1

MAC | Sweet Potion Studio Nail Lacquer swatch

MAC Sweet Potion swatch 2

MAC | Sweet Potion Studio Nail Lacquer swatch


I do believe that this marks my first foray in the world of MAC’s mineral-based products, and I confess to being 100% impressed. For starters, I would never have believed that shades this light in colour would also apply so incredibly pigmented, nor did I expect to find the textures so refined and easy to work with. As every single piece of the Future MAC Collection shown here is well within my neutral-hued comfort zone, I am loving every single item and cannot recommend these enough. Don’t ask me to pick a favourite, is what I’m really saying.

The MAC Future MAC Collection is available through MAC online now, at MAC Boutiques nationwide as of April 7. Find more information via


MAC Future Collection closer



Product samples kindly provided by the MAC team for my unbiased consideration

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