MAC Mischievous Mint and Little Girl Type – ‘Quite Cute Collection’ (swatches, review & comparison)


When MAC launched their ‘Quite Cute Collection’ this past Spring 2011, of the three nail lacquers included, I gravitated towards these two: ‘Mischievous Mint’ – a pale minty green, and ‘Little Girl Type’ – a milky light lavender. Something about these hues fully puts me in a regenerative Spring-like kind of mood….a nice change after a long and bleak Winter, and just perfect as we enter full Summer mode.  All swatches are with Sèche Natural base coat, two coats of lacquer and Sèche Vite top coat.


‘Mischievous Mint’ is a rather nostalgic-looking hue, reminiscent of the light green shade of 50’s era appliances.  This is a highly pigmented polish, a touch on the thick side but quite easy to apply just the same and bearing a good self-levelling formula. I’m not usually a fan of MAC nail polish brushes as I find their quality to be inconsistent, but I had no problems here.  A nice bonus was how quick drying and glossy the final finish looked.


I absolutely love this shade when seen in full sun, looking all cloudy, squishy and deliciously milky (I rhymed!), and I know it will be a wonderful counterpoint against lightly tanned skin.


While shaded light brings out its cooler side, it then seems to take on a more sophisticated look, but still maintains its somewhat “vintage” appeal.


‘Little Girl Type’, another milky pastel, is an interesting cross between ultra light lavender and the palest of pink hues.  Once more, the formula applied well, with zero brush strokes, smoothing out easily and finishing off with a high gloss shine, although dry time was slightly longer than I prefer.


When seen in full sun, ‘Little Girl Type’ looks more like a white with lilac tints in it, but there’s no mistaking that this is indeed a lovely and almost feminine pale lavender shade, which I find will be highly complimentary against many skin tones.


I love how shaded light deepens the tone and gives off a slight greyish tinge to the overall look, taking it from cute to chic…just like that!


The closest match I found to ‘Mischievous Mint’ was Essie’s ‘Mint Candy Apple’ which has a similar green hue.  The formula on the Essie was approximately the same as the MAC, although I much prefer its brush – hands down over MAC brushes – and both lacquers dried to a similar wonderful shine. Swatches below are index and ring fingers – ‘Mischievous Mint’, middle and pinkie fingers – ‘Mint Candy Apply’.


Seen in full sun, you can immediately see that ‘Mischievous Mint’ definitely leans more blue compared to ‘Mint Candy Apple’s’ slightly greener cast, although both bear that same creamy tone.


Even shaded light does not detract from the light variances in hue, although they do appear slightly more toned down.


I was fairly convinced that ‘Little Girl Type’ had a duplicate in Essie’s ‘Nice is Nice’ from the Spring 2011 collection (reviewed here), and it turns out I was right. They both have that cool toned but creamy lavender/pink hue and even the formula was basically similar, although once more the Essie brush made it that much easier to apply evenly versus the MAC brush.  All swatches below are with index and ring fingers – ‘Little Girl Type’, middle and pinkie fingers – ‘Nice is Nice’.


When seen in full sun, it’s almost impossible to tell them apart; you need to look very close to see the one tonal degree difference and even then, you may mistake it for a trick of the light.


Even when viewed in shaded light, they still appear to be identical, although I seem to feel that ‘Little Girl Type’ has a touch more purple/grey in its base, giving it a slightly cooler and more subdued look.


Final thoughts: While these shades are not unique, I was pleasantly surprised by how well they applied (especially for MAC) and how pretty they looked on. I also noted that the bottles need to be rolled between your palms well before applying, as there may be a tendency for the colour to separate. Obviously these shades have been done before (as noted here), although ‘Mischievous Mint’ is slightly different enough to be unique, as far as pale mint hues go. I must admit, that they are…quite cute!




*Disclaimer: some products sent by the company/PR for my unbiased consideration

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