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Beauty might be my passion, but art was definitely my first love (true fact: even at 2 years old, I could never bring myself to mar a colouring book illustration by colouring outside the lines), so when this awesome case of the entire MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua XL Color Paint Eyeshadow collection arrived, my heart skipped a beat thinking it was a box of artist paint tubes. Then I did a happy dance when I realized that they actually WERE paints, but of the wearable variety — not that you can’t sport the other kind (i.e.: real paints, as I’ve done often enough in the past), but trust me … these are way better.



MAKE UP FOR EVER has partnered up with R&B songstress Kehlani to create two new collections in the Aqua XL range; the Color Paint Eyeshadows featured in today’s post and Ink Liners (post coming soon). Bold, electric, fierce, and eccentric rolled into one, these are all qualities that can be easily apply to either the artist or this beauty brand equally, turning this into a collaboration that’s truly in perfect harmony.


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Aqua XL Color Paint Shadow (CAN $31.00/each) | Easily mistaken for art supplies, these are housed in similar squeeze tubes with the exterior label coloured the same hue as the actual product — making them conveniently labelled so you know exactly what you’re reaching for at any given time. Available in 3 finishes, Matte (M), Iridescent (I) and Lustrous (L), they bear a gel-cream formula that has enough slip to make them glide effortlessly along the skin, as well as being easy to blend out. Highly pigmented (seriously, does this brand make anything less than that?), they also contain 3D microspheres that help ‘fill in’ fine lines in the skin, enabling them to lay down smoothly. Crease, smudge, and flake-proof, they’re also extra long-lasting, although as my lids tend to  get oily I always prime them first just the same (that said, primer was basically unnecessary with these – they last like nobody’s business). The beauty of a product like this is many sided; for one, you can wear them on their own either sheered out for a light wash of colour — a little really does go the longest way, so start with the tiniest dab and go from there — or built up for maximum impact. You can also layer them under powder eyeshadow to provide depth and/or added staying power to your look. And for all you budding artists, feel free to go wild and get as editorial as you like. For the swatches below, I’ve broken them down according to finish.





Either I’m getting lazier, or makeup is becoming more intuitive; it used to be that using one’s fingers to apply makeup was best left for the toddler set, but brands have all stepped up their game and have made it easy to allow one to create effortless beauty looks without needing a ton of brushes in hand. Once again, MAKE UP FOR EVER has hit it out of the park with these Aqua XL Color Paint Eyeshadows, making one of the very first cream eyeshadow products I’ve used that truly doesn’t budge. Not even through showering. In a hurry? No problem – a quick dab & swipe of colour, a light coat of mascara and your eyes are done — and all in under a couple of minutes, tops. And for those who want to channel their inner Picasso, feel free to let your creativity soar then sit back and take in all the compliments your masterpiece will surely deserve. Oh yeah … they’re loads of fun, too. Colouring book not included.

Available at Sephora



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3 Responses to MAKE UP FOR EVER · AQUA XL Color Paint Eyeshadow

  1. carolynnnaaa says:

    These seem great! Definitely have to try them!

  2. Lynmed says:

    Wow! They look like everything I like the most about makeup! Intuitive, Fun and colourful! The thing is I am allergic to MUFE products… I can’t stand the waterproof agent in the formulas… Swollen eyes and breaking out is not fun!
    Nice post darling, as always!

    • Eugenia says:

      Oh no…so sorry to hear that! Glad you enjoyed the post just the same (looking doesn’t cause an allergic reactions, so at least there’s that!)

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