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MAKE UP FOR EVER, the brand loved by consumers and makeup artists the world over, has recently jumped into the matte lippie playing field with the release of the new Artist Liquid Matte Lipstick. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect, as the day these came in, I was headed to a special preview presentation of Swan Lake by the Perm Opera Ballet of Russia, and I was in the mood for a lip product that would stay put — without destroying my lips in the process.


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Artist Liquid Matte Lipstick (CAN $25.00/each) | Available in 6 ‘nude’ shades, these look like your standard liquid lippies — slim tube and doe-foot applicator, but the application is quite another story. I swear I could tell that these would be different from others in the genre, just from the way the wand slid out of the tube (i.e.: almost like it was greased up, that’s how easily it came out). Relatively unscented, the texture literally glides along the lip contours yet feels incredibly lightweight, and as to pigmentation level: off the charts. Seriously, one swipe covers the lips entirely. They also set/dry down within minutes of application and become almost budge-proof. Key ingredients include:

  • Silica & Kaolin Powders, Mineral Clay and Silicone Oil for an opaque matte finish
  • Silicone Resin and wax for no-transfear wear
  • Beeswax, Avocado Oil and Glycerin for moisture and continuous hydration

As I said at the top, I literally put these to the test the day they arrived. After ensuring my lips were properly prepped (de-flaked, thoroughly moisturized & blotted) I dove in with my chosen shade 105 Rosewood — totally not expecting the full-on opacity it provided from the very first pass, but loving it just the same. Several hours later, and after both drinking & eating, not only was the shade more or less intact (minor wear along the inner rim), but for once my lips did not feel drier than the Sahara Desert. In fact, the wear was … dare I say … comfortable. Blown away.


I’ll just say it: thank you MAKE UP FOR EVER for creating a matte lipstick that I can wear in total comfort. Even though I’m more of a gloss girl, I also like to switch things up every now & then and there’s something I find so compelling about the light-absorbing effect of a matte lipstick, but the ensuing desiccating feel? Not so much. Which is why I love the Artist Liquid Matte Lipstick: I get to enjoy sporting a matte lip without remorse. Now the brand just needs to get working on adding some more shades to the lineup …

Available at Sephora



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  1. Omg, I love all of these shades! The little ‘paint can’ is a nice touch too.

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