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MAKE UP FOR EVER has added 9 new shades to their Artist Liquid Matte Lipstick range, but something tells me that the they’re not going to stop there, since these lippies hit cult fave status basically from the moment they launched this past Spring (the original 6 hues reviewed here). Then again, I’d expect nothing less from the brand that has pretty much redefined the way we look & wear colour.



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Artist Liquid Matte (CAN $25.00/each) | The texture looks and feels almost watery, so it’s actually surprising how much pigmentation each holds. With beeswax and avocado oil in the formula for extra long wear & a nourishing feel, the narrow flocked doe-foot applicator effectively picks up enough product from the tube to provide full coverage from the first swipe, although the lightest shade (201) needed a second pass to cover up a few patchy areas. Of the nine, only shade 503 gave me trouble, as it didn’t want to lay down as smoothly as the others — an issue that can be solved by layering on a matching liner underneath first, but then with a colour this deep, I shouldn’t actually have to go that extra route.

I adore the editorial look of matte lips, but as someone whose lips are rather lined (sigh) and which tend to dry out at the drop of a hat, I usually skip wearing anything too desiccating. That said, I found that by ensuring my lips are properly prepped prior to application (exfoliated and moisturized, moisturized, moisturized), I can definitely make this look work and the best in the genre I’ve found so far, are definitely these Artist Liquid Mattes as they not only wear evenly and well, but don’t destroy my lips either.


Just when you thought that the matte lip trend had begun waning, along comes MAKE UP FOR EVER with these 9 new vibrant Artist Liquid Matte Lipstick shades as enticement into the ring once again. When it comes to pigmentation, I’d have to say that this brand has that category fully locked down and rarely disappoints. From this grouping, I already have faves: 205 & 207 for shades in the pink family even I can wear (plus they make for an excellent casual look), and 401 for its sizzling redness, although 403 is hitting a close second. And while 501 keeps grabbing my eye, I’m not ready to fully go there … yet.

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5 Responses to MAKE UP FOR EVER · New Artist Liquid Matte Lipstick

  1. I had tried the nude collection and its one of my favorite formulas and these shades absolutely beautiful for fall.

  2. Carolina says:

    Rust is beautiful! I was trying to do a no buy, but I guess not anymore, Rust really caught my eye ahah xx

    Carolina’s Makeup Life

  3. I’ve never tried Makeup Forever lip products. I would like to give them a try. I’ll take a note of your favorites.

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