Marc Jacobs · Coconut Collection 2019, Youthquake & Velvet Noir Mascara

For beauty lovers, Marc Jacobs’ Summertime Coconut Collection is always hotly anticipated. I mean, coconut: doesn’t get more Summery than that, no? Infused with a varied selection of coconut ingredients (how many times can I say “coconut” in one paragraph?), these products not only smell amazing, but perform equally beautifully. Then there’s the recently launched Youthquake, with pineapple in the ingredients that makes it a perfect fit for the theme. I just love makeup synergy, don’t you?

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Youthquake Hydra-Full Retexurizing Gel Crème (CAN $79.00/50 ml) | I personally feel that a multi-tasking moisturizer is a great way for this brand to break into the field of skincare and Youthquake has a lot going for it. Housed in a rounded acrylic jar that is just the cutest, the formula contains powerful pineapple enzymes (excellent for cellular turnover) and encapsulated sodium hyaluronate (for mega hydration), all of which means that it can both retexturize AND thoroughly moisturize the skin — at the same time. The gel-crème texture feels incredibly lightweight and imparts a cooling sensation to the skin upon initial application, making it a great product to use during the hot & humid days of Summer. The gentle tropical fragrance is an added bonus (in my opinion), as it smells almost good enough to eat, but which also dissipates quickly after application.

I’ve only just begun testing this moisturizer out and am already impressed. For one thing, it truly does provide all the hydration that I look for without feeling either heavy or sticky. Applying Youthquake before bed, I find that I wake up to a complexion that looks more even toned, although that might also be because my skin is already in optimum shape — but, still.

UNDER(COVER) Blurring Coconut Face Primer (CAN $46.00) | Containing 5 forms of coconut in the formula, this face primer not only helps with evening out the complexion and diminishing the appearance of pores, but hydrates as well. Don’t be fooled by the size of the tube; it may look on the small side, but a little really goes a long way. In fact, you really don’t need to apply primer to the entire face in any case — just in areas that need it most (in general: apples of the cheeks, nose, chin). The coconut fragrance is subtle enough that it fades quickly after application, while the texture is very silky and featherlight upon the skin. You can wear this product solo on days where you want to minimize any excess shine, or layered under foundation to help it lay down smoothly and/or last longer. The formula does contains silicones, so those with sensitivities should take note.

Tantalize O!Mega Bronze Coconut Perfect Tan (CAN $65.00) | Housed in an oversized yet slim-profiled white compact, this is a deep shade of bronzer in the brand’s highly successful formula. Inspired by Marc Jacobs’ love of coconut water, the delicate fragrance gives off an immediate vay-cay vibe, albeit on the subtle side and which fades quickly after application. The texture is finely milled and micro-fine, meaning it lays down upon the skin in a seamless way, and never just sits there at surface level. The finish is said to be matte, but not in the true sense of the word, as it still has a faint sheen to it and thus won’t leave a flat & dull look behind. Perfect for those with light-medium or darker skin tones, this shade may be too deep for those with fair complexions; that said, there is a lighter version available for those interested.

Since it doesn’t look like I’ll be headed beachside anytime soon (dammit), I have been consoling myself with the best faux-glow I can create, and while I have a gajillion bronzers at my disposal, I have been really & pleasantly surprised by the effect of this one. I love the larger expanse of powder as I can swirl even the biggest and fluffiest brush across it without worrying about spillage, but it’s the gorgeous “tan” it imparts that’s the real star — and [almost] makes it ok that I’m stuck in the city.

Tantalize Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter (CAN $58.00) | Housed in a capsule-shaped bottle, this is a coconut-infused gel highlighter that can be applied directly to the skin, or added to foundation (or even moisturizer if you want to go with a jazzed up “makeup-free” effect). The warm bronze shade makes it the absolute PERFECT companion to the Tantalize bronzer; seriously, the two go so beautifully together, but those with fair/light complexions might find it a bit too deep to work with. Ultra pigmented, a little goes an incredibly long way so start with a scant amount, and build up if need be. I prefer to pump out a tiny bit on the back of my hand and then either use my fingers or a small dual-fibre brush to apply it to the high points of the face (upper cheekbones, bridge of the nose, above the brows) for a beautiful and seamless finish. Long lasting without showing any oxidation, I feel like the glow only gets better and more natural-looking (for a highlighter) as it warms up with the skin’s natural oils.

Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara (CAN $34.00) | Although this mascara isn’t part of the Summer launches, it’s new to me and as someone who’s somewhat of a mascara aficionado, I’ve had this one on my radar to try for some time now. Inspired by Marc Jacobs’ early beauty memory of his mother carefully shaving fibres from a velvet ribbon to create her own couture lash effect (genius, but how time-consuming — now THAT’s dedication), this mascara is created with Flash Volume Complex and super concentrated black pigment, designed to provide tons of volume and length in “three strokes or less“.

The swatch below definitely proves that this mascara has major impact; 2 scant coats provided the ooh-la-la volume I crave and the length is rather impressive as well. The formula leans on the wet side — which I LOVE — and the large curvy brush helps it apply quickly yet still able to reach every lash with ease. Best part: smudge and flake proof, no half-moon creases under the eyes AND it removes without undue force at the end of wearing. To sum it up, this mascara has definitely lived up to the hype and has now joined the select few on my personal faves list.

It’s Summer, and while the sun may not always be shining, I can still fake a vacation glow with the best of them, thanks in large part to these latest from Marc Jacobs. I have nothing but good things to say about each and every piece reviewed and just look at the picture below: the only thing missing is some lip balm and BAM! You’ve got the makings of your Summer face all gathered right there. You’re welcome.

Available at Sephora

Kindly provided by Marc Jacobs for my unbiased consideration

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