Marc Jacobs · Leopard Frost Collection

Inspired by textiles and layering, the limited edition Leopard Frost Collection from Marc Jacobs, features high-impact metallic lamé finishes — the better to bring out your inner fierce feline, I imagine. And can we talk about this totally chi-chi packaging?

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What the name of this collection makes me think of: the majestic Snow Leopard
Also, how beautiful is this animal?

800 Flam(boy)ant Eye-Conic Frost Eye Palette (CAN $59.00) | Housed in a slim-profile case with a beautifully rendered leopard print, five out of the seven shades of this palette feature a new metallic frost finish, while the other two come in an ultra-creamy matte formula. The textures are richly pigmented and all display an effortless blendability. Long-lasting (when applied over primer), the colours stay true without fading until removed.

Here’s a really cool touch: By reading the shade names from left to right & one after the other, they make up a short poem:

“Hey girl hey/you slay/on the runway/serving up/eleganza/extra-vaganza/for your life”

  • Hey Girl Hey | oyster
  • You Slay | fired berry
  • On The Runway | copper bronze
  • Serving Up | faded gold
  • Eleganza | gunmetal
  • Extra-Vaganza |khaki
  • For Your Life | dark chocolate

My experience with Marc Jacobs eyeshadows is rather limited, but I know many people swear by this brand, and if Flam(boy)ant is anything to judge by, I can certainly see why. All the shades are completely in my wheelhouse but what makes this a must-have in my opinion, is how many looks can be created with just these seven hues — looks, I might add, that can easily take you from day to night in a snap, especially considering how portable this palette is; just slip it in your bag and soak in the covetable looks it engenders when you whip it out.

Le Marc Lip Frost, limited edition (CAN $38.00/each) |Bearing the same limited edition leopard packaging, these lipsticks also come with a magnetic snap closure for added security. The texture is a creamy frost (without any grittiness), with colour pigments that are triple-milled and boosted with hydrating ingredients for long-lasting colour & comfort. Also enriched with antioxidant-rich seaberry, as well as natural humectants such as meranti and cocoa butters for added moisture. Note that these have a delicate vanilla scent, although it does dissipate soon after application.

As seen in the above swatches, my lips happen to be quite lined (sigh), so frost formulas aren’t usually my friends; both Diva and Sugar Sugar — which are absolutely lovely with their retro feel — appear to emphasize said lip lines in these photos, but in person the effect is less pronounced. Detox is another one of those avant-garde shades that I personally just can’t pull off, regardless of how mesmerizing its complex shimmer is. Finally, we come to Just Peachy and Cher-Ished and both are just so much YES.

I get why beauty lovers go wild for Marc Jacobs’ Eye-Conic palettes; they’re easy to tote around plus the shades and formulas are bang-on — and Flam(boy)ant is definitely a winner on all counts. As to the lipsticks, I’m on the fence about these 5 hues, but I know that stems more from personal preference and not due to the formulation (although I do wish both Diva and Sugar Sugar were kinder to me). That said, these lippies all fit perfectly in the theme, so aesthetically they all score well. Just remember the dreaded “limited edition” so if something has struck your fancy, I wouldn’t wait too long.

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Kindly provided by Marc Jacobs for my unbiased consideration
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What are your thoughts, beautiful?

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