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For Summer 2019, Mugler’s Angel has been reinvented into an exotic tropical fragrance: think of Eau Croisière as Angel’s fresh, sunny, fruity and oh-so-flirty younger sister. Tweaking an iconic scent is always a tricky endeavour, but this time around all the stars must have been aligned because all it took was one spritz and I was hooked: a vay-cay in bottle form and just like that, it’s love.

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Earlier this month, I was privileged to attend a cocktail party in honour of Thierry Mugler who was in Montréal for the premiere of Thierry Mugler Couturissime, a retrospective of some of his most unique and iconic works being shown at the Montréal Museum of Fine Arts — an exhibit that I absolutely cannot wait to take in & one I will definitely go see more than once. The dress (above) was in prominent display at the cocktail party, and it happens to be an original designed & created by Mugler himself, worn by Naomi Watts for one of the Angel ad campaigns. I cannot even begin to describe how exquisite it is, nor the incredible amount of intricate detail. Also, I can totally see myself wearing this.

Moi, immortalized in front of this piece of wearable art — and check out the iconic Angel bottle peeking over my left shoulder.

The great man himself, Thierry Mugler. As much as I would have loved to get a shot with him, that wasn’t to be (he literally had a phalanx of guards around him, although he looks like he can totally take care of himself, no? This man is 70 — can you believe it? I’m shook). BUT we totally had a couple of moments: when he was heading to the podium, we came face to face (within inches, I tell you) and were beaming at each other like old friends; I can’t explain it & it sent chills down my spine. Then he looked up at the end of his presentation and waved to me. TO ME! My heart almost stopped, lol

Angel Eau Croisière Eau de Toilette (CAN $82.00/50 ml) | Everything old is new again, as they say, and this begins with the box: Angel’s blue is given subtle stripes in a nautical nod, along with a “porthole” window displaying the name. Even the iconic Angel star bottle bears new finery: an ombré look that captures the red, yellow, & orange hues of a Summer sunset. Developed by Sidonie Lancesseur, she was inspired by the “leisure atmosphere of a Summer cruise, the flavours of a fruity cocktail, and the heat of an island sun“, to create a fruity/tropical/citrus fragrance that’s given a fun & naughty sensual side via patchouli and just a hint of Angel’s famous gourmand notes teasing through.

It opens up with a burst of mango, a dominant note that stays true during the initial phase but later on merges with grapefruit and blackcurrant to form the most delicious sorbet. The dry down teases out its warmer side with hints of praline (hello, Angel) and becomes rounded & grounded with soft touches of patchouli: nothing overwhelming, but the absolute perfect amount of earthiness to take this fragrance out of fluff territory and add balance/substance. As to staying power, as Eau Croisière is an EDT, it will obviously not have the sillage of a perfume, but in my experience how long a fragrance lasts can also depend on one’s own unique body chemistry.

When the original Angel launched in 1992, it was all I wore for YEARS. Since then I’ve moved on to a platoon of other fragrances, but every now and then I like to revisit this old friend and every time I do, I am instantly enveloped in a rush of memories: that’s the incredible power of scent, mes amis. Eau Croisière hits new territory for me with its vibrant fruity vibe, but it’s the iconic gourmand of Angel in the mix — albeit done with more stealth — that gives it body and more of a grown up feel.

Some press perks are absolutely bang-on, like this gorgeous beach bag that I will definitely be putting to good use on my next trip

More than any other beauty product, I’d have to say that fragrance is highly subjective because we’re all unique in our tastes, likes, and dislikes. If you’re that person who couldn’t wear the original Angel, then fear not as Eau Croisière is majorly different (not to mention much lighter). If like me, you’ve never been drawn to fruity scents (I’m not 12, for God’s sake) you’ll be pleasantly surprised by this flanker, because it’s literally the sexiest fruity fragrance ever. Basically what I’m really saying is: I love Eau Croisière so hard and that it needs to become permanent. Either that, or I’ll be hitting all my counters and start stock-piling.

Available at Hudson’s Bay, Nordstrom, Murale, and select Shopper’s Drug Mart and Jean Coutu locations

Kindly provided by the Mugler team for my unbiased consideration

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