Mugler · Angel EDT, Aura Sensuelle & Alien Fusion, New for 2019

I have loved Mugler’s Angel since the day it launched in 1992 and while I may not reach for it as often anymore (more due to the sheer volume of choices I own), it will always hold a special place in my heart. The latest fragrance releases from this brand are updates on 3 of their best selling franchises: Angel, Aura, and Alien — and regardless of your scent preferences, there’s no denying that all are absolutely display-worthy.

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Angel Eau de Toilette (CAN $96.00/50 ml ) | Yes, the original Angel revolutionized the fragrance industry with the creation of the ‘gourmand‘ category, but its potency was not for everyone. Enter this new Eau de Toilette version (replacing the one created in 2011) which is a fresh & lighter take, but bearing the same irresistible (and ultra-delish) signature. Other unique new features to the iconic star, is that this flanker now comes in a blue & pink bottle that is able to stand upright — the original could only lay flat, enabling the light to diffract beautifully and thus turning it into a little work of art. Key ingredients include:

  • Top notes: Mandarin, Peony
  • Heart notes: Praline, Apple
  • Base notes: Patchouli, Blond Wood (huh? ok)

I was fortunate to have taken in the Mugler Couturissime exhibit at Montréal’s Museum of Fine Arts this past September (the exhibit premiered here and I was doubly fortunate to have been invited to the media launch where Thierry Mugler himself was in attendance; I didn’t get to personally meet or talk with him, but we definitely shared a moment). Amongst all the absolutely breathtaking works shown, was a star-shaped display case filled with a variety of Angel stars — and I now want to recreate something like that here.


Aura Eau de Parfum Sensuelle (CAN $105.00/50 ml) | Where the original Aura with its brilliant emerald-coloured bottle (reviewed in detail here) is like stepping into the steaming heart of the jungle with its sharp green notes (you either love it or hate it at first spritz), this version is like sitting in a Victorian botanical observatory, surrounded by all the greenery but not overpowered by it. The bottle remains the same heart-shape, but differentiated by its pale green spritzer peak and a stunningly gorgeous pink-pearl iridescent faceted body. Softer, creamier, rounder, warmer, and definitely spicier than its predecessor, this fragrance displays that classic Mugler gourmand signature but its uniqueness basically guarantees people will be leaning in to find out what you’re wearing, Key ingredients include:

  • Top notes: Tiger Liana
  • Heart notes: Gardenia, Cinnamon Leaves
  • Base notes: White Musk, Sandalwood

Alien Fusion Eau de Parfum Talisman Bottle (CAN $114.00/60 ml) | This may be just me, but the image that comes to mind whenever I look at this bottle, is the Mondoshawan earth-friendly alien (see below) in the opening scene of the Fifth Element aka: one of my all time favourite movies. The original version came in lush deep purple bottle, while this one is a heart-stoppingly vibrant crimson flacon — and almost guarantees it’ll grab all the attention on your vanity. Described as an oriental/floral, this flanker retains the woody-floral signature of the original but where that one was all about blinding high glamour, this one is given more of an elemental flare through the use of spices. Key ingredients include:

  • Top notes: Ginger, Cinnamon
  • Heart notes: Tuberose, Orange Flower
  • Base notes: Vanilla, White Amber

Mondoshawan alien from the Fifth Element — tell me its head and cowl doesn’t remind you of Mugler’s Alien? And as the movie came out in 1997 while the original Alien fragrance was launched in 2005, perhaps this is where the bottle’s inspiration originated? Just saying

I may be all about makeup & skincare, but my love of fragrance goes back to my toddler days; at 2 years old, I was busted emptying out an entire bottle of Elizabeth Arden’s Blue Grass onto a windowsill so I can splash my hands in it. Yes, I was precocious. Mugler fragrances are not for the shy, as they are created to capture & hold attention absolutely — something all three in today’s post manage to easily do, without needing to shout. So while Angel will always turn my head, I’m glad I discovered these 2 from their respective franchises as they not only satisfy the collector in me, but are unique additions to my repertoire. By the way, any (or all) will also make great gifts for that fragrance lover on your list.

Available at Sephora, Hudson’s Bay and select retailers

Kindly provided by Mugler Fragrances for my unbiased consideration

2 Responses to Mugler · Angel EDT, Aura Sensuelle & Alien Fusion, New for 2019

  1. Marisa says:

    I love the new Angel EDT! I haven’t tried the others yet, though. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    • Eugenia says:

      So glad you enjoyed, Marisa! As I wrote in my post, the original Angel is very special to me and I’ve loved it since it launched in 1992 but this newer version is wonderful as well, not to mention easier to wear because it’s not as potent!

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