NARS · Atomic Blonde Eye and Cheek Palette


When I heard that NARS was releasing a palette named Atomic Blonde, there was NO WAY ON EARTH that I would pass that up; for starters, it’s all about warm-toned neutrals (my jam) then there’s the name, which calls to mind the movie “Atomic Blonde” starring one of my all-time girl crushes, Charlize Theron. Lastly, NARS had me at ‘blonde’ (ummm…moi). In fact, this may very well be my favourite palette from the brand yet.



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Charlize Theron, THE Atomic Blonde



Atomic Blonde Eye and Cheek Palette, limited edition (CAN $74.00) | The packaging design gives a pretty good idea of what’s on the inside: warm leaning neutrals, with a bit of sizzle on the side. Of the 4 eyeshadows, both Icon & Isolde II (the latter is part of a duo in the brand’s permanent range) display a creamy smoothness upon application, while Kink is the glittery-est of the bunch — and therefore needs a bit more attention — with Galapagos rounding things out via depth of tone and a light sparkling touch. As to highlighters, Last Call is exactly what I’ve been looking for: a shade that’s neither too yellow nor pink, with a buttery application that lasts & lasts. When it comes to bronzers, my preference lies in something that has a bit of ‘muddiness’ as I find it works best with my skin tone. That said, Unleashed is that perfect mix of warm & cool, with a drier texture that suits me fine, as I find I can control the application better.

All four shades have excellent staying power when applied over primer (as my lids tend to get oily, I never wear eyeshadow straight up), with the colours staying true until removed. Kink is a unique animal and there are many ways to work it; using a flat paddle-shaped brush to dab it over any of the other shades yields a fun glittery touch — or even on its own, for just a hint of sparkle. If going the latter route, you will need an anchor (primer) to keep the glittery bits in place, although some will probably fall down just the same (again, I personally don’t mind as I prefer a more ‘lived-in’ look). Applying it with a dampened brush calls forth some major impact and really brings out its copperiness — again, that way is a bit editorial-looking, but paired with mascara and keeping the rest of the face/lips minimal, makes for one helluva stunning statement.

  • Icon – golden bronze shimmer
  • Isolde II – shimmering copper
  • Kink – metallic warm copper
  • Galapagos – bitter chocolate infused with gold


  • Last Call – shimmering warm gold highlighting powder
  • Unleashed – diffused brown bronzing powder



I am head over heels for this palette. For real, and considering the amount of STUFF I have over here (you don’t want to know), that speaks volumes. Travel-friendly, wearable shades, and a kick-ass name (if you’ve seen the movie, you know what I’m referring to: Charlize Theron is FIERCE … and killer sexy), this palette is not only worth every penny, but almost display-worthy. If you’re a fan of warm neutrals like me, do yourself a favour: scope it out & scoop it up, before it’s gone.

Available exclusively at Sephora & online


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