NARS · Danger Control Eyeshadow Palette & Rêve Salé Cheek Palette


Let me start with a head’s up: you better get your wallet ready, because this Spring NARS will be coming at you hard with so many gorgeous new products (I so wish I could say more on that … you’ll have to just take my word on it!), that you really won’t be able — or even want — to resist. Case in point: the Danger Control Eyeshadow Palette and Rêve Salé Cheek Palette. Glowy & ethereal, these shades were made for diving into Spring.



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Danger Control Eyeshadow Palette, limited edition (CAN $62.00) | Housed in a matte metallic pink compact case with shiny pink NARS lettering, this palette features 6 ‘intense and holographic glitter’ shades that can be applied either dry for a sheer watercolour-like effect, or with a dampened brush/layered for multidimensional colour payoff. Developed with a botanical infusion of Pomegranate Seed Oil, Vitamin E, and Gingko Biloba Extract, the formula also serves to smooth the skin. Definitely not your average pastels, these shimmery hues also blend effortless (as with all NARS eyeshadows) and when worn over primer, last true without fading or creasing throughout the wearing. Another perk is that with the exception of Elektra and Tonic, the other four shades also work beautifully in a highlighter capacity — the effect is prismatic and totally original.

Sephora Exclusive

  • Rave – shimmering white silver
  • Elektra – shimmering golden pink
  • Aeryn Sun – shimmering pale pink
  • Bionic – iridescent yellow
  • Haedus – iridescent lavender
  • Tonic – shimmering lilac



Rêve Salé Cheek Palette, limited edition (CAN $62.00) | Part of the Easy Glowing Collection (Coucher de Soleil not shown) this palette comes housed in a matte rose-gold metallic compact case and features 3 illuminating cheek hues. The exclusive ‘water-activated’ formula is made with an innovative powder that blends seamlessly with the skin’s warmth to help create that natural sun-kissed glow we all crave (and so desperately need after this asshat Winter we’ve had). Whether worn individually or layered up for a multidimensional sheen, there is minimal kickback seen when swirling a brush across the powder’s surface, and displays excellent staying power when applied over foundation/primer.

Nordstrom Exclusive

  • I – warm gold with a pearl finish
  • II – soft pink shimmer
  • III – metallic rose gold

My first thought upon receiving Rêve Salé was this it was a reissue of last year’s coveted Banc de Sable, and while similar (the style of the compact case + the shades), thankfully the two are different from each other. But then I remembered Bord de Plage so I pulled that one out to see if there were any duplicates in there, but as seen in the swatches below, Rêve Salé truly stands unique.


There was much ooh-ing & ahh-ing when I opened up Danger Control, quickly followed with the thought: but how can I possibly wear this? Pastels, especially shimmery ones at that, have never been my thing, but I needed to see if I could make this work. So imagine my surprise when I saw how easy these shades actually are to wear — the trick is to keep things simple (as in don’t load up all 6 at the same time) and add plenty of mascara. The effect is fresh, urban, and so very cool. As to Rêve Salé, all three shades are eminently wearable and totally beautiful … and so worth investing in, especially if you missed out on last year’s Banc de Sable (but fair warning: I’m sure it’s going to disappear fast).

Danger Control is available now (Sephora exclusive), Rêve Salé available March (Nordstrom exclusive)


Kindly provided by the NARS team for my unbiased consideration

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