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Some of the very first duo eyeshadows I ever bought were from NARS, and they also happen to be shades I still reach for to this day, so when this package of reformulated eyeshadows arrived, I was curious to see how they would stack up to those tried & true faves. There’s a new texture and a variety of finishes to go with new shades; basically it’s all about options … and that’s always welcome.



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As stated in the opening paragraph, NARS has reformulated their eyeshadows, providing them with an improved velvety new texture and intense colour saturation via Pigment Powder Suspension technology. This payoff is a result of pure pigments that are suspended in an innovative liquid binding system, which in turn creates rich, long-wearing  & high-impact colour in one stroke. Depending on the shade selected and the type of brush used, you can also layer them, apply them as liner or highlight, or even with a dampened brush for more intensity. There is a small disclaimer of sorts, according to the NARS website:

“Please note NARS Eyeshadows are high performance formulas developed to be lightweight for increased blendability and instant payoff which may result in occasional dusting”

As I always tap any excess off my brush prior to application, this isn’t a deal-breaker — especially when you factor in how superbly pigmented these eyeshadows are, as well as how beautifully they blend out. That said, those shades with glitter or high levels of reflective shimmer will need a bit of care in order to avoid any spread (solution: pat the colour on, don’t swipe) and all have excellent staying power, especially when worn over primer.


As stated above, there are several finishes to choose from and this first group is comprised of the Hardwired (CAN $26.00/each) version and 1 glitter, Tropic (CAN $23.00).

  • Earthshine – iridescent pink lilac
  • Stud – soft pewter bronze
  • Argentina – iridescent violet with blue shimmer
  • Night Clubbing – black with pearls
  • Tropic – teal with silver glitter


The mattes (CAN $23.00/each) are unbelievably smooth and incredibly pigmented; a little really does go a long way so don’t let the small size of the pan fool you.


The three metallic/shimmery shades (CAN $23.00/each) here all display not only a velvety smooth application, but an ultrafine and complex reflective side as well.


With the same attention to detail and formulation as the singles, each available duo (CAN $40.00/each) comes with complimentary shades that harmonize beautifully together.

  • Charade – matte smoky plum/muted mauve
  • Tzarine – shimmering platinum/shimmering blue-gray

Charade Duo

Tzarine Duo



While I am able to appreciate it when brands release pre-made palettes, I still prefer the option of being able to customize and create my own, just as I’m able to with this latest offering. That said, I know that some of these NARS shades are available in a refill format, but I’m not sure if all are — although I’m hoping that that’s where the brand is headed with this concept. Another plus to these new eyeshadows, is that they all now have corners (the former duo hues came with one rounded side) which makes them easy to place in a palette, something I plan on doing soon. Actually, with so many other awesome shades to choose from, I’m thinking that one custom palette might not be enough …

Available at Sephora, The Bay & online



Kindly provided by NARS for my unbiased consideration
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