NARS · Iconic Lipstick Collection

To celebrate 25 years since the launch of their original 12 lipstick hues, NARS has added to the lineup with 60 shades in total that come in sheer, satin, and matte finishes. And while that’s a boat-load of options to select from, the upside is that no matter which you choose, you’re pretty much bound to love it.

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The collection arrived in a red oversized “lipstick” case, and what makes it great, is that I’ll definitely be repurposing it for storage!

Paying homage to François Nars, makeup master & founder of his namesake brand, this is a collection of 60 lipsticks (CAN $33.00/each) housed in new black matte soft-touch packaging and available in 3 finishes: sheer, satin and matte (there are 12 more — the original 12 shades, in fact — that come in limited edition red & white packaging and available only at NARS boutiques). The formula is enriched with Passion Fruit Seed Oil to help with skin vitality, along with Moringa Seed Oil for enhanced colour vibrancy. Lightweight in feel, each is said to provide full coverage per swipe along with comfortable wear time.

Instead of breaking them down by finish, I’ve opted to show them in colour families: pinks, corals, deep berry, and neutrals.

  • Cool It – metallic mauve, satin
  • Full Time Females – deep fuchsia, matte
  • Niagara – pink-based coral, satin (more pink than coral)
  • Afghan Red – rich garnet, satin

  • Living Doll – pink coral, sheer
  • License to Love – soft rosy coral, sheer
  • Rouge Insolent – bright red coral, satin

  • Impulse – berry wine, satin
  • Hot Channel – shimmering purple, satin
  • Fast Ride – mulberry, sheer

  • Hot Voodoo – fiery molten copper, satin
  • Tolède – pink nude rose, satin
  • Lovin’ Lips – light blue pink, matte
  • Little Princess – shimmering light pink, sheer
  • Hot Kiss – dusty mauve, matte
  • Raw Love – lavender grey, matte

All the sheer shades swatched easily and were surprisingly pigmented, considering the lighter finish — but due to their emollient nature, will definitely need touch-ups. The shimmer in Little Princess has no gritty feel, and while Fast Ride can settle in lip lines, it does smooth out and is an effortless way to sport a darker hue.

I love the editorial look of matte and how long-wearing this finish can be, although I’m not a fan of how drying it can feel — especially on my lips which seem to need quite a bit of hydration. That said, I am honestly surprised by not only how easy these mattes glide along the lips, but how lightweight and truly comfortable they feel, without any desiccated feeling whatsoever.

All the satin shades are beautifully pigmented, provide full coverage with the first swipe, and even though they do have some slip, they all manage to last quite long — although it goes without saying that the lighter shades have a shorter wear time, with all fading to a lovely light stain.

Even though I’m usually more of a gloss girl (probably because they’re easier to apply and I can be lazy that way), I do love what lipstick has to offer. There’s a timelessness to twisting up a tube and taking the time to apply, and apart from the colour and finish options NARS provides, I applaud the brand for making the actual casing so easy to tote, not to mention how well crafted all are. Bottom line: well worth looking into.

Available at all NARS counters

Kindly provided by NARS for my unbiased consideration

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