NARS · Liquid Lip Collection 2018



NARS has expanded their liquid lipstick game with new shades in both the Velvet Lip Glide and Powermatte Lip Pigment ranges, and is introducing a new player with Full Vinyl Lip Lacquer — glosses so brilliant, you may just need to have your shades handy.



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Velvet Lip Glide (CAN $34.00/each) | Housed in transparent rectangular casings, the caps bear the brand’s iconic rubberized finish (which incidentally, make them grab-friendly) and have a flat, flocked paddle-shaped applicator. The texture is plush and buttery smooth (for real; I’ve never felt anything this creamy) and as the name implies, do glide along lips while providing excellent coverage from the very first swipe. Coming to a satin finish, staying power is quite good, although there will be some transfer when eating and/or drinking. Lightly fragranced — dissipating quickly after application. Check out previously reviewed shades here.

One more shade available (not shown), Swing – neutral rose

  • Roseland – rose blush
  • Xenon – dusty mauve
  • Paradise Garage – soft plum
  • Mars – warm taupe


Powermatte Lip Pigment (CAN $34.00/each) | Housed in black matte rectangular casings with a transparent peep window (excellent for monitoring product usage) and rubberized caps, these come with a narrow & flocked applicator that makes it easy to reach all areas of the lips. The texture is thin and weightless upon application, with full-on colour saturation by the very first stroke and comes to a dense, matte finish. Lightly fragranced as well, staying power is phenomenal — staying relatively budge-proof until removed. Check out previously reviewed shades here and here

One more shade available (not shown), Call Me – coral

  • Somebody To Love – rose brown
  • You’re No Good – fuchsia pink
  • Vain – brick red
  • Spin Me – rich red brown


Full Vinyl Lip Lacquer, limited edition (CAN $34.00/each) | First introduced with the recent Orgasm 2018Collection, this is like gloss on steroids. Housed in the same rectangular casings as other ranges, these are distinguished by their silver mirrored caps. Each bears a rounded flocked applicator that has an indentation to help pick up & hold just the right amount of product, effectively providing full coverage by the first swipe. The texture is rich but not goopy or sticky, spreading easily along the lips without any tacky after feel. As to the shine, it’s nothing short of utterly blinding and while transfer is inevitable, in the case of the deeper shades you’re still left with a light stain behind. The glitter in Cape Town lays flat and smooth, without any gritty feel and you’ll find some shimmer still lingering along the lips long after the majority of colour has gone.

Six more shades available (not shown), including Orgasm – all are limited edition

  • Santo Domingo – mauve pink
  • Red District – hot red
  • Baden Baden – deep aubergine
  • Cape Town – metallic gold with pink shimmer/oxidized shift




I waver between being a gloss girl (swipe & go has always been my thing) and the storied richness of wearing a lipstick, so it’s nice that we have options with both types — mainly because I can be fickle that way. I’ve said often enough that I love the editorial look of matte lips, but don’t deal well with the drying effect; thankfully, these Powermatte Lip Pigments are lightweight enough that you forget you’re wearing anything at all AND come infused with Vitamin E for extra moisture (for the record, You’re No Good turned out to be my fave — and I don’t even wear pink all that much). As to the Velvet Lip Glides, they are positively scrumptious and the finish certainly ranks as one of my faves. As to glosses, I swear the finish of Red District is mesmerizing and one of THE hottest reds I’ve ever worn … guess that means I’ll be needing a backup, am I right?

Available at Sephora, The Bay & Nordstrom, September 1 at Murale & Shopper’s/Pharmaprix


Kindly provided by NARS for my unbiased consideration
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