NARS · The Bronzing Collection 2020

For 2020, NARS has added to the Laguna family with The Bronzing Collection and I scooped up these 3 lovelies at the recent Sephora sale. Laguna is the very first bronzer I bought ages ago, and continues to be one of my favourites to this day. As to the lippies, something told me that they would be bang-on perfect for summer; I wasn’t wrong.

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Paradise Found Bronzing Powder, limited edition (CAN $60.00) | I’m betting that there isn’t a makeup artist out there who doesn’t have a Laguna bronzer in their kit — and that pretty much sums up how amazing it is. For 2020, this iconic product has been reinvented and resized; housed in a square metallic case that bears a raised pattern mimicking undulating sand (imagine wading into the ocean and looking down at the seabed — this is exactly the image you’ll see), this oversized compact opens up to reveal an exquisite interior. Bearing a similar wave-like pattern, the top half of the bronzer is embossed with the NARS logo while the bottom half has a delicate golden spray. The icing on the cake, however, is the incredible fragrance: the NARS signature French Polynesian Monoï de Tahiti Oil or as I like to think of it, instant tropical vay-cay vibes. The actual bronzer shade is the cult-fave Laguna, a diffused brown with a “luminous matte” finish that lays down neither too matte (or flat), nor shimmery but serves instead to provide a gorgeous lit-from-within kind of glow. The golden overspray is just that — a decorative touch that vanishes within a couple of swipes, but if you want it to hang on a little longer, then I suggest sticking to one section of the pan (ie: the portion where the lettering is) and slowly work your way across the surface.

I decided to pull out my original Laguna Bronzer as well as the Laguna Tiaré Bronzer launched in 2016 from the Tahiti Bronze Collection (reviewed here) for comparison because I wanted to see how Paradise Found compared. As can be seen in the above swatch, the original is several degrees deeper, although that may also be because it’s older. The Tiaré version appears to lean slighter cooler and even seems more pigmented. Fun fact: the heavenly fragrance of Paradise Found actually made its debut with the Tiaré bronzer.

Laguna Afterglow Lip Balm, limited edition (CAN $37.00) | Housed in a metallic bronze case, the colour is a shimmering bronze with ultra fine gold pearly flecks, but which applies significantly more sheer. Enriched with the brand’s Monoï Hydrating Complex, this is a thoroughly nourishing balm — despite it’s luxe lipstick appearance. Having tried this formula before (here, here & here) I have to say that it definitely feels as good as it looks. Buttery and leaving behind a light hint of colour, it’s the perfect product to keep lips well hydrated.

*I believe that this was initially exclusive to Sephora (where I purchased mine) but is also showing as available on the NARS website.

Laguna Oil-Infused Lip Tint, limited edition (CAN $34.00) | This is my first time trying this formula and I am blown away. As in … WOW. Housed in a transparent acrylic casing, this is a shimmery bronze shade with ultra fine gold pearl in the mix and comes with a flocked doe-foot applicator. The formula is enriched with Raspberry Seed Oil to soften & nourish, as well as Pomegranate Extract to provide hydration along with a nice dose of antioxidant protection. The texture, however, is what makes this unbelievable: lush and buttery, dense but not sticky, a delicate hint of colour and LOADS of shine. It goes without saying that something this emollient will need reapplication, but I’m totally ok with that.

The second these products launched on Sephora’s site, I added them to my cart — then had to wait for the sale before hitting purchase, all the while keeping my fingers crossed they wouldn’t sell out before that time came. Thankfully, it all worked out because I couldn’t be more thrilled with every single piece. Seriously … and that doesn’t happen often with me. The fact that everything speaks to my beach-loving heart might have something to do with it, but in the end it’s how amazing everything performs that really seals the deal. Bravo, NARS … so well done.

*Purchased products

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